Get Twittering - Twitter for Beginners #10 - Twitter Language and Tips
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Power-users in the Twitter community use special language and symbols in their updates. This language allows these power-users to alert a fellow Twitterer that you're addressing them specifically, repost a tweet, let people know something you overheard and more. Our video will demonstrate some of the Twitter language. You can also use the help section of the Twitter page to find out more about Twitter language.


Welcome back to the Twitter for Beginners Series. People in the Twitter community use special terms and symbols and there updates. Once you use Twitter for a while, you will start to learn more and more about how to get Twitter cross easier. For example, if you see the word “retwit” followed by a phrase, in this is a twit that someone else sent and is simply being reposted. If you want send someone a direct message from your timeline or TM as you may see other Twitter post, you just type a d then space and then your username. You will see that what normally says what you are doing now has change to direct message. And now this will be a private message between you and that person. If you see a Twit that you want to reply to, just click on the reply arrow and you will see the @ symbol with their username has been added for you. Now just types in your update know you are replying to them. If you see OH before a Twit, this usually means “Overheard” and that means that this person twitting something to hears you overheard and not something that they actually did. You may also see a hash mark follow by a word. This is called a hash tag. A hash tag is use to point out a keyword in a Twit, so can be found easier when searching for specific topic. There is more information on how to use Twitter in a Help section. So make sure you check it out. Remember there ten parts to this series so do not forget to check out the episode in the Twitter for Beginners Series.