Gerard Butler: The Good, the Bad and the Cannes
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Actor Gerard Butler on coping with Cannes and playing soccer in his new movie. (May 22)


SHOTLIST(including transcript):-AP EntertainmentCannes, France, 20 May 20121. Wide shot of Gerard Butler entering interview room on yacht2. SOUNDBITE (English) Gerard Butler, actor: "Cannes is I mean the town is a beautiful town and the film festival itself is both a beautiful and a horrible experience. You know, I mean, it's full on. Everyone from every walk of life, from every part of the film business. The good, the bad and the ugly."3. SOUNDBITE (English) Gerard Butler, actor: "When you don't have a movie showing, it's kind of hard to be going to see other movies. You can't really go down other people's press lines. So you've always got to make sure you are playing it politically correct. So often when I'm here I'm busy, I don't get a chance to really embark in the festival itself. That's easier to do at other festivals than Cannes, which is kind of a bummer actually."4. SOUNDBITE (English) Gerard Butler, actor +++OVERLAID by shot 5+++ : "The main one I'm involved with is "Motor City," which is a movie I'm doing with Joel Silver, who's producing it and Albert Hughes who's directing it and the great Gary Oldman. So I'm shooting that in September. So I'm here to talk about that. But also I was doing some work with Artists for Peace and Justice and Sean Penn did a charity function for Haiti and when you come to Cannes you cram in a few things in a few short days."AP EntertainmentCannes, France, 18 May 20125. Butler walks the red carpet for Sean Penn's Haiti galaAP EntertainmentCannes, France, 20 May 2012 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Gerard Butler, actor +++OVERLAID by shot 7 and 8 +++: "I've just done a couple movies where one is a soccer film that I've just - I can't believe I just said soccer, but it's because, that's like forgetting your mother's name or something saying 'soccer', but it's because I'm so used to speaking about this in America. Football movie, although I'm playing football in America so if I say 'football' people are like 'What are you saying? Football? American Football?' So a movie where I was a professional football player, soccer player and then another one where I was a surfer, I guess that works in both, so they all required additional training. But I haven't done a full out action movie since, I may be forgetting myself, but since 'Gamer.' It was '300' then 'Gamer' and that was a few years ago.'"7. Zoom in on Butler posing for photos8. Medium shot of Butler posing on stairs