Georgia Mom Shoots Home Invader 5 Times
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A Georgia man says he is proud of his wife for protecting her family during a home invasion. Police say the suspect is currently hospitalized and is being charged with burglary. (Jan. 9)


(SHOTLIST:SOURCE - RESTRICTION: WSB - Atlanta Embargo, AP Clients OnlyLocation - Date: LOGANVILLE, Georgia - Jan. 8-91. Still of Herman family home in Loganville, Georgia where home invasion took place. (covered with graphic)2. Still of Donnie Herman, victim's husband3. SOUNDBITE: Donnie Herman, victim's husband"see transcript below."4. Various of Herman family home5. Police car outside Herman family home6. Police entering Herman family home7. Police outside Herman family home8. Graphic of 911 call9. Movement on still of suspect Paul Slater10. SUV stopped in trees11. Still of SUV12. Neighborhood shots13. SOUNDBITE: Anita Brown, NeighborSee transcript below14. SOUNDBITE: CPT. Greg Hall, Walton County Sheriff's Dept.See transcript below15. Police outside Herman family home16. Movement on still of SlaterSCRIPT:(VOICE OF: Donnie Herman, victim's husband)"Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him, again!"THAT'S THE VOICE OF HUSBAND AND FATHER DONNIE HERMAN TELLING HIS WIFE TO PROTECT THEIR HOME AND THEIR CHILDREN DURING A HOME INVASION ON FRIDAY.(Donnie Herman, victim's husband)"My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner."HERMAN'S WIFE AND CHILDREN WERE HOME FRIDAY AFTERNOON -- WHEN POLICE SAY THE SUSPECT BROKE IN -- USING A CROW BAR.THE HOMEOWNER AND HER 9-YEAR-OLD TWINS FLED TO AN ATTIC CRAWLSPACE--WITH HER GUN IN HAND...POLICE SAY 32-YEAR-OLD PAUL SLATER BROKE THROUGH THREE INTERIOR DOORS TO GET TO THE FAMILY--AS THE VICTIM CALLED HER HUSBAND--AND HER HUSBAND CALLED 9-1-1.(VOICE OF: Donnie Herman, victim's husband)"he's in the bedroom? Ok, relax. Just remember everything that I showed you, everything that I taught you, alright?"//"She's shooting him. She's shooting him. --OPERATOR: OK--Shoot him again! Shoot him. Oh, no!."SLATER ALLEGEDLY FLED THE HOME -- WITH FIVE BULLET WOUNDS TO HIS FACE AND NECK...HE DIDN'T GET VERY FAR--CRASHING HIS SUV ON A NEARBY ROAD.NEIGHBORS SAY THEY SAW SLATER CASING THE NEIGHBORHOOD BEFORE THE SHOOTING.(Anita Brown, neighbor)"he just pulled into my drive way, like he knew where he was going."(CPT. Greg Hall, Walton County Sheriff's Dept.)"This is not your average burglary. There is a reason that he was trying to search out who was inside of the house."POLICE SAY SLATER IS HOSPITALIZED AND HAS BEEN PLACED ON A VENTILATOR--UNABLE TO BREATH ON HIS OWN...INVESTIGATORS SAY HE WILL FACE BURGLARY CHARGES.__________ASSOCIATED PRESS.STORYLINE:Authorities say a Loganville woman shot an intruder five times and the man was arrested after he tried fleeing the scene. WSB-TV reports the unidentified woman saw a suspicious man outside her window Friday around 1 p.m. Authorities say the woman took her children to the attic as the man broke in with a crowbar. When the intruder arrived in the woman's attic, police say she shot him five times. Authorities say the woman ran out of bullets and ordered the man to lie still. Police say the woman and her children left the house and the intruder, identified as 32-year-old Paul Slater of Atlanta, tried fleeing the scene. Police say Slater crashed his car in a wooded area, has been arrested and is hospitalized at Gwinnett Medical Center.