Gene Linked to Teen Binge Drinking
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A recent study links the gene RASGRF-2 to binge drinking. The gene gives off high levels of dopamine when drinking.


  BY: MEGAN RICE   Image: ( Wikimedia Commons )   A new study released by the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences found there might be a factor beyond certain teenagers’ control that leads them to binge drinking. Here’s Bay News 9.   “A certain gene could make some people more likely to drink too much. Scientists say people with the gene have higher levels of dopamine and that could make binge drinking feel more rewarding.”   According to WMDT , even if you have the gene, it does not mean you will automatically be a binge drinker.   “A new study says, it happens by boosting levels of a happy brain chemical triggered by alcohol...this is not proof that the gene causes binge drinking.”   The gene linked with binge drinking is called RASGRF-2. NY Daily News reports, the study looked at more than 650 14-year old boys to find the gene.   “..The team analyzed drinking behavior from the same group of boys two years later when many of them had already begun drinking frequently. They found that those with the RASGRF-2 gene variation drank more often at the age of 16 than those without it.”   And Red Orbit writes teens’ binge drinking is a problem that needs to be addressed.   “...Binge drinking has become more common, with teens reportedly drinking an average of 6 units per week in 1994 and 13 per week in 2007. In the UK, nearly 5,000 teens are admitted to the ER each year due to alcohol use.”