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Wedding Advice: Wedding TV attends the opening of of the world's first Gay wedding clothing store, BY in Spain.


This is the official opening of the first Gay Formal Wear Store; please come in and join and see what we have inside. Well the concept is to give the opportunity for guys to have the same possibilities as women, you still have till now, which is have a special outfit, special suit for their ceremony or for their wedding. So here, we’re in the clothing part of the store, here we have the shirts at the beginning, here we have all the different designs, after which we can pick the different fabrics you can make the shirts from. Well the idea started when the gay couple loved, got a book here in Spain and we started the opportunity and the yip to give the service to the couple. The main difference is that couples can come in here, they don’t have to explain their situations, they can feel comfortable; and then here we have the designs. What we’re using here are the exclusive designs developed for BY, and sometimes you can try them on, sometimes you can’t because they’re all made just for, in a standard measure. But what it’s really nice form here is that they can pick the design and then you can pick the taper you want to make it from; and we make to fit. At the moment, the first collection is made from 5 designers, Spanish designers, who didn’t use to do formal wear, and we asked them to do formal wear so we do, we were refreshed what the formal is right now, and they have different things from what the traditional strops have right now. They have a nice profile, I mean; they’ve done Pasarela Syvelles, Paris fashion show, London fashion shows, I mean, they’re internationally known for their seed work proposals; and now they’re coming into the fashion or the formal wear segment with us. After looking at the clothing section of the shop, we’ve come to the jewelry part; so what we’re trying to do here is have some different options of, to show the compromise between the couples; so we have the rings, the traditional rings, we have a ring you can wear onto your neck, but we have brace, couplings and bracelets that you can give your significant other and you only need to have the official ring if you don’t want to wear it. We have it, we can do it in yellow gold, white gold, and also if you want we have the silver platinum stock, well, like I told you everything here is designed and it’s made specifically fort he person who orders it. It’s amazing for me all the media that came today and it think it’s surprising for them, where it’s something that when you think about it, it’s so natural and so common. I think the thing that makes it so special is that it’s a simple idea that everybody goes like, oh, why didn’t anybody think about it before? So I think that’s what makes it so big. Here we have the ties, the neckties, gloves and different accessories that will compliment your outfit. And then, at last, what we have is some couple’s stuff that if you want to give something to the couple or to a friend that is getting married or have special date, we have some boxing shorts, we have pajamas, we have a bath robe, we have embroidered sheets and everything; what the main purpose of all of this is that you can have small something for special person, and it’s something, it’s always something for me to use, some things personal. Well, I hope that the concept is accepted by our customers, and I hope that we can open lot of shops in Spain and around the world and I have a good time, well, doing it.