Gay Couple: 'Full of Joy' After Obama's Remarks
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President Barack Obama's support for gay marriage is giving gay marriage supporters across the country a reason to be excited. One California couple says they're proud to see Obama embrace equality. (May 10)


(BERKELEY, California)(Kris Perry - Prop 8 Opponent/Gay Marriage Supporter)"Absolutely elated. Proud, excited, full of joy. It was an incredible moment to realize he was actually on TV doing that. I had kind of imagined that moment in my head many times for many years and now he was doing it. It was spectacular."(Sandy Stier - Prop 8 Opponent/Gay Marriage Supporter)"It's a great day. When Joe Biden came out with his statements a couple days ago and then to have our President, the leader of our country, echo those sentiments and then talk about his very personal journey how he came to be ready to make this very public statement, it was very heartening and certainly we felt very supported and very proud of our President."(Kris Perry - Prop 8 Opponent/Gay Marriage Supporter)"It's obviously a sign of tremendous courage. It's hard to lead on an issue other people are afraid to lead on so I think it shows that he's made of something very special. He's going to help us all understand this issue better by being the leader on it and I think that we vote for people we trust and people we think are caring and thoughtful leaders so it's going to help him. The consequences will be very positive. People who don't vote for people who are high-quality leaders might choose not to vote for him. But the people who've been supporting him all along and the rest of us that wanted to support him even more are thrilled. This is the perfect time, the perfect outcome. It's the right thing for him to do."(Sandy Stier - Prop 8 Opponent/Gay Marriage Supporter)"He talks about his wife's influence and his children's influence and how you just can't say to your children that it's okay for their parents to be treated differently. It's just not the right lesson and it's not justifiable. It's a very simple message really and hopefully people can see that it's just an issue of equality. That's all it is. Out of the mouths of babes come some of the most powerful and straight-forward lessons for all of us."(****END****) VIDEO SOURCE: AP Television-----------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: None----------------------------------