Gates Foundation to Provide Contraception Funds
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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to give hundreds of thousands to a campaign geared towards improving access to contraception in developin


(Image Source: )   BY LOGAN TITTLE ANCHOR CANDICE AVILES   The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is taking a new issue under its wing — contraception. Al Jazeera reports — the foundation plans to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to improve access to contraception in developing countries.   “Reaching one hundred million women, the initiative hopes to bring about major economic and health benefits and control population growth.”   Melinda Gates told the BBC the foundation also hopes to encourage others to lend support.   "...the causes that we have picked around the world are so enormous that they take governments to come in a really fund them at large scale and what a foundation can do is...FLASH...take some of the risk out of the equation.”   A writer for Conservative Home commends the foundation’s efforts and believes the campaign will make a difference for women and their children worldwide—but it won’t solve the main issue at hand.   “... it will simply mean one less consequence of an abusive culture...We cannot ignore the cultural context. In this case, we urgently need to work with countries to address cultures where abuse of pre-teen and teenage girls remains a social norm, because without this, we are giving them pills without power.”   And a blogger for New Statesman agrees , saying the government should avoid the mistaking that easier access to contraception is an end-all to this issue.   “Girls forced into early marriage, for example, often have less control over the choice about when to start a family... These efforts need to be backed up by education and support services that empower women to assert their rights. And women who choose to get pregnant will still die unnecessarily unless there are good quality health services to take care of them.”   The exact amount the foundation will fund will be announced Wednesday night at a summit of world leaders and aid organizations in London.