Gassy Gus Game Review
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When is it okay to pick your nose, fart, and throw meatballs? When you're playing family games from Fundex. Daddy Brad learns about a few funny games and toys including "Gassy Gus", "Alfredo's Food Fight", "Monster Under My Bed", and "What's In Ned's Head".


Brad: When can you pick your nose, Pass gas, and throw food, and its okay? Well, you can do that when you're playing the Rule Breaker’s Game from Fundex. We're here with Katie Hickle of Fundex, and she's going to tell us about this cool series of games. Katie. Katie: Alright. First off we have Gassy Gus and it’s a gut blasting game. You start off and you play, everybody starts with 5 cards and your goal is to not let Gus pass gas on your turn. And if he does, then you have to let two cards. You really want to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. His head goes up and you can pump his belly and it expands all the way out. Until he farts. And then we have our Alfredo’s Food Fight. And this is your food fight that you can have in the home with none of the mess. So the goal is, every kid starts off with three meatballs of their own. And they have a slinger where you swing the meatball and you try to get in stuck on the chef. And the chef actually is spinning around while you’re swinging the meatball. Brad: That is cool. Katie: And this actually won toy of the year in 2005, so it’s a family fun toy of the year winner. This year we came out also with Monster Under My Bed. And the goal is here to actually get three in a row. So that’s what you want to get on your card. And the monster hides down inside the bed and you stick your hand in and you search for the items on your card. And if the monster gets mad and doesn’t want you under the bed, they he pops up in front and you have to clear you card and start all over again. Brad: Oh boy. Katie: This one won toy of the year this year actually in 2006. And then we open our Rule Breakers Line back in 2003 with What's in Ned’s Head. And he has a lot of different items stuck inside of him. And your goal is to reach in, feel around inside his head and you want to find the item that you have on your card. Things include fake vomit, a dirty diaper, a tooth, a worm. So it’s a lot of fun and things you can't normally do on your own. Brad: Katie, that is truly disgusting. But guys love gross. Thanks a lot. Katie: Thank you.