Garden Girl TV: Cold Hardy Banana Tree
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My friend, Dr. Edgar Milford, brought me two, possibly dwarf Orinoco Banana Trees, so I planted them. They are supposed to be cold hardy, so with a bit of care, I might have a banana tree! Distributed by Tubemogul.


[Music playing] The other day was so cool. I came home and sitting right on the stairs outside my house where these beautiful pots with trees in them. And they are banana trees! There was a note and it was from a friend of mine. His name is Dr. Edra Milford and he found a variety of banana tree that actually is winter hearty. I could not believe it, they are called Orinoco banana trees and they grow in South America in the mountains. So, they are called hearty. I cannot wait to get them into the ground and start eating amazing bananas because of course, I am from Puerto Rico. I am from the Caribbean and I need bananas in my life. Now, I have some amazing banana trees that I am going to plant up here in my orchard. Hopefully, they will start fruiting next year. But it does take a lot for a banana tree to start fruiting. But before I get ahead of myself, let us just hope it makes it through the winter. I am just going through and I am loosening the soil that I am going to dig out and plant the banana tree in. Pretty much loosening the soil here and just making sure that when I start digging, I am digging a looser soil because it is going to be so much harder if I do not loosen the soil first. Now, I am digging a hole that is about two times larger than the pot that this banana tree – Orinoco banana tree – is planted in. So, I am going through first and just loosening the soil. Now, I am going to take my shovel here. I got my shovel and I am just going to go through and just start shoveling. The soil is so much easier. Oops! There is a worm. I think I am pretty much done. A couple more of shovelfuls and I can plant my Orinoco banana tree! I am taking the banana tree and I am centering it in this hole. And now what I have to do is I have to take the soil that I just took out, put it in around and then water. All right, I got my Orinoco banana trees planted in here and I am just giving them a good drink of water because I want to make sure that the roots get a chance to establish themselves especially before winter. Then I am going to go through and just give it about a two inch think layer of mulch and then all I have to do is wait. But hopefully, I would not have to wait too long to have a little taste of the Caribbean here in Rocksbury. I am Patty Moreno, the garden girl. Thanks for watching.