Games to Play Outside with Your Dog
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Learn some simple games that you can play with your dog outside to make sure they get enough exercise and have fun.


This is and I am Lesley Bishin, internet blogger, writer and most importantly dog owner. It is spring and the first thing you think of, of course is getting outside. So, we decided that we do a segment on what you could do with your four legged friend. Behind us, you’ll see the beautiful dog— Fetch is great game and it is great way for you to be with your dog. It is also a great game for you to relax while your dog is getting a lot of energy. One crucial thing to remember about dogs is that they don’t really respond very much to negative reinforcement, what they need is positive reinforcement. When I taught Luca to fetch, it was really simple, every time she brought me a ball, I said “good girl” and I give her a cookie and eventually she did without me having to ask here, “Luca go get it.” Sentinel is a product that you might want to consider this season. Certainly, this is not the type of thing that you can just go out and buy. You have to talk to your veterinarian because different dogs need different doses. Based on where you live, you may need a different brand or a different variation on this product. Now, what is important to remember is that especially in spring and summer, dogs are more susceptible to things like heartworm and lyme disease. Your veterinarian may recommend an all in one pill like a set in multi for a front line. These of course are just brands and what matters is that you and your pet are protected for the summer months. So, please go and talk to your veterinarian about what your dog needs and also this time of the year, very often, they need their vaccination renew. Another fantastic product on the market that I think is very important to talk about is the pet gulp. It is important to have some sort of remission for water for your pet at all time. Palmer, come her buddy, come here. The pet gulp or any other product just allows you to put water safely and securely in you bag to bring it along with something that your dog can drink out of.