'Game Change' Appears Ahead in Emmy Polls
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Experts weigh in on the likely candidates for best TV Movie/Miniseries at this year's Emmy Awards ahead of the nominations being unveiled. (July 18)


SHOTLIST(including transcript):-HBO1. Film clip: "Game Change"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 20122. SOUNDBITE (English) Marc Malkin/Senior Editor and Writer, EONLINE:"For Movie/Miniseries, I think 'Game Change' will definitely be in there. Everyone loves politics. Everyone loves Julianne Moore, and she could do no wrong. For people who love and hate Sarah Palin, this was must-see TV."HBO3. Film clip: "Hemingway and Gellhorn"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 20124. SOUNDBITE (English) Tom O'Neill/www.goldderby.com:"'Hemingway and Gellhorn' is a serious threat here because it stars Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. It's two literary giants in a story we didn't really know."History Channel5. Film clip: "Hatfields and McCoys"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 20126. SOUNDBITE (English) Marc Malkin/Senior Editor and Writer, EONLINE:"'Hatfields and McCoys' will definitely be in there. It's a History Channel show. The ratings were through the roof. Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton -- you can't ask for any more star wattage."History Channel7. Film clip: "Hatfields and McCoys"F/X8. Film clip: "American Horror Story"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 20129. SOUNDBITE (English) Marc Malkin/Senior Editor and Writer, EONLINE:"I think 'American Horror Story' is definitely going to be in there. It's the kind of series you thought was just a regular drama series. So, now, it's a miniseries because it's going to completely change next season. So it's almost like a whole new show."F/X10. Film clip: "American Horror Story"PBS Masterpiece11. Film clip: "Great Expectations"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 201212. SOUNDBITE (English) Tom O'Neill/www.goldderby.com:"'Great Expectations' is a great re-telling of the Dickens classic that is so good that it's probably going to get nominated, but it doesn't seem to have enough to win."PBS Masterpiece13. Film clip: "Great Expectations"PBS Masterpiece14. Film clip: "Sherlock"AP EntertainmentLos Angeles, 16 July 201215. SOUNDBITE (English) Tom O'Neill/www.goldderby.com:"'Sherlock' is the wild card. Everybody who discovers it, loves it. And it did very well at the British awards, which reminds us it could be a contender here at the Yankee awards."PBS Masterpiece16. Film clip: "Sherlock"