Ga. Teen Found in Gym Mat Without Organs
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The parents of a Georgia teenager say they suspect investigators covered up evidence in their son's death after his body was found in a gym mat missing his internal organs. (Oct. 17)


SHOTLIST:Valdosta, Georgia- 16 October 2013AP TELEVISION- AP Clients Only1. Wide of demonstration2. Mid of demonstrators holding signs3. Wide of Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson sitting with signs4. Wide of sign outside Lowndes High School5. Wide zoom in of entrance to high school6. Mid of Johnsons7. SOUNDBITE (English) Kenneth Johnson, Kendrick's father (transcript below)8. Mid of family members sitting with protest signs9. Wide of Johnsons talking with their attorney10. SOUNDBITE English Chevene King Jr., Johnson family attorney (transcript below)Decatur, Georgia- 16 October 2013AP TELEVISION- AP CLIENTS ONLY11. Wide of entrance to Georgia Bureau of Investigation12. SOUNDBITE English Sherry Lang, GBI Spokeswoman (transcript below)13. Wide of demonstration14. Mid of Johnsons talking with passerby15. SOUNDBITE (English) Jacquelyn Johnson, Kendrick's mother16. Close of sign reading "who murdered our son?"17. Mid pan left of Johnsons18. Mid of demonstratorSCRIPT: SOUNDBITE Kenneth Johnson- Kendrick's father (covered)"That's what we're trying to find out, what exact happened to Kendrick"KENDRICK *K-J* JOHNSON OF VALDOSTA, GEORGIA DIED ON JANUARY 10TH, 2013. CORONERS RULED HIS DEATH A BIZARRE ACCIDENT... SAYING HE FELL HEAD FIRST INTO A ROLLED UP UPRIGHT GYM MAT AT HIS HIGH SCHOOL AND BECAME TRAPPED.BUT THE JOHNSON'S SAY THERE'S MUCH MORE TO THE STORY. SOT- Kenneth Johnson"You've got to know that here in Lowndes County there are a lot of crimes other than this crime _ there are a lot of cover ups here."THE JOHNSON'S COMMISSIONED A SECOND, INDEPENDENT AUTOPSY. WHEN THEY EXHUMED HIS BODY, K-J'S INTERNAL ORGANS WERE MISSING, REPLACED WITH NEWSPAPER.SOT- Chevene King Jr., Johnson family attorney"Did the absence of his organs mean that there was an effort by someone to cover up what would be the cause of death"THE GEORGIA BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SAYS ITS MEDICAL EXAMINERS DID *NOT* TAMPER WITH THE BODY."When the autopsy of Kendrick Johnson was completed all of his organs were returned to his body prior to the body being released. This is the practice and policy of the GBI medical examiner's office."THE COUNTY CORONER HAS SAID JOHNSON'S ORGANS WERE TOO BADLY DECOMPOSED TO BE PRESERVED.K-J'S PARENTS ARE SUING TO ORDER A CORONER'S INQUEST IN THEIR SON'S DEATH. SOT- Jacquelyn Johnson"Law enforcement is against us but we have most of the entire world on our side. We just got to get down to the exact truth of what happened to Kendrick."THE JOHNSONS SAY THEY HOPE THE INQUEST WILL RULE K-J'S DEATH A HOMICIDE, PAVING THE WAY TO RE-OPEN THE CASE.UNTIL THEN THEY'LL CAMP OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE... FOR K-J.NW, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.