Furry Vengeance Premiere
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Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields spill on how fun it was to make their new family-friendly flick. Listen in!


Furry Vengeance Premiere Brooke Shields: It was almost impossible to get through the day and I had to hold it together because when the comedy is happening around you, the ego wants to dump in there and that wasn’t my place. I got my funny when I was giving it and I was patient. Male: Just talking to Brooke she said she couldn’t stop laughing with you on the set. Brendan Fraser: I’m the least funny person I know, there were comedians in this movie, proper ones. Female: Brendan Fraser, coolest guy ever right down there, such a big kid, so awesome, Brooke Shields is like my personal idol so getting on with her I was just in awe the whole time. Male: Well you know I’ve been the biggest Brendan Fraser fan since Incino Man and I hadn’t done comedy in such a long time. He’s doing like action movies like the Mummy and we had this crazy script that we needed someone to play like the everyman who doesn’t mind getting pounded and abused. Well that’s Brendan Fraser. Female: It’s where you get to play opposite somebody like Brenda and all the other unbelievable comments. Even those who I didn’t know what to say were genius. Male: Ted’s a maniac, he’s completely insane, saw the Hangover like everybody else did, was a biggest Ken fan and you know in a situation like this a lot of these guys—these kids haven’t seen the Hangover for probably a couple of years now and its the able ability for your kids. Female: Well you know what I’ve seen it once and I’m looking for Don to see it with the crowd to see when the kids laugh because I know the parts that I love so I’m excited to see it through their eyes. Brendan Fraser: I’m a dad, I got three kids, I want to do a movie that I didn’t have to bulk through the aisles—stick around for the credits.