Fund Raising Cyclists Visit Child-Friendly Space in Syria
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Three cyclists from Norway are biking to raise funds for UNICEF education projects by riding from Norway to South Africa. On their journey, they make a stop in Syria to visit a UNICEF-funded child-friendly space in Qudsaya.


Fund Raising Cyclists Visit Child-Friendly Space in Syria Elardo Cure: UNICEF fundraisers Jorn, Andreas and Øyvind have braved snow, floods, wild dogs and equally wild drivers, all in a bid to raise $75,000.00 for UNICEF education projects. Cycling from Norway’s North Cape to South Africa, their epic has already taken them across Finland, Russia and Turkey. Arriving in Damascus, six months into their trip, their Norwegian team opted to take timeout from their 20,000-kilometer fundraising expedition in order to visit the UNICEF co-sponsor youth centre in the Qudsaya refugee camp near Damascus. Children gather at the UNICEF Arab Red youth centre in Syria to welcome the cyclists who wowed the audience with tales of their trip. Andreas Doppelmayer: It's nice to see that it's possible to really help children even though they had a really difficulty past. Elardo Cure: Centers like this in Qudsaya are essential for the large refugee community that crossed into Syria from Iraq, following the 2003 war. Centers across Syria offer refugees psychological support and a stable place to play. The cyclists also taught a few of their bike skills to the eager children. Although some would be cyclist lack the Norwegian’s natural finesse, the exchange was invaluable. For these UNICEF fundraisers, the warm welcome they received in Qudsaya will be something they can take with them on their journey ahead. This is Elardo Cure reporting for UNICEF Television, Unite for Children.