Fruit Kabobs Are a Healthy Alternative to a Bag of Chips
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So your kid wants all those unhealthy snacks, right? Snacks shrouded in fat, salt and sugar...or all the above. Obviously, potato chips are one of the most dubious of the lot, probably because a single bag can put as much as 30 to 40 grams of fat in your body. That's a lot of fat to shake a stick at.


Diego: Oh come on! Kelly Godell: Chips! No Diego. I’ve got something way better for you. Where the kids get all that energy, I tell you where they do get it it’s from eating salty, fatty snacks. Now we all know the kids love to snacks and so do I and sometimes we need to intervene so let’s fine something to keep our kids healthy. Like fruit kebabs, these are totally easy and your kids will love them. You can use any kind of fruit that you like; today I use bananas, grapes, pears, kiwi and apple. And that of course the nutritional value will vary depending on the fruits that you used. Now once you’ve cut this in a little bite size pieces just slide them on your skewer and then you can dip them in yogurt or the granola, you can use shredded coconut, raisins, chop-chop nuts anything that you like. Just use your imagination because there is no wrong way to do this. Hey Diego, now dip into the yogurt and roll it around and go ahead in either roll it in the granola or the shredded coconut yeah go just give it a bite. Maybe a little bit messy. Diego: Thank you. Kelly Godell: You welcome.