French Bread Pizza Recipe
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Chef David Bishop teaches parents and kids how to prepare a French bread pizza.


French Bread Pizza Recipe Hi kids, mom and dad! This is Chef David Bishop from the Chef to You. Thanks for watching Kids Cookin’. Today, I’d like to show you how to make some homemade French bread pizza. Very simple recipe, you kids can do what your mom and dad tells. If you’re teens you probably do it yourself. Let’s go ahead and take a look at our ingredients and the tools we’re going to need today. Let’s first take a look at the tools we’re going to use today. I got a cutting board, a serrated edge knife to cut the bread. We got a couple of spoons. I got a heated pan right here with aluminum foil on it. That’ll make easy cleaning up when we’re done. You see up here I've got some sub rolled we’re going to use for our French bread today. You could also use a bagel, English muffins, something that has a cross on the outsides so the sauce won’t sip through and it bakes nice and crisp, we got our mozzarella cheese and we got some sliced pepperoni. Today, we’re going to use some pizza sauce. I would also like some dried herbs on mine that’s an optional. The thing you may not want to put it on yourself. We got some basil already down here and somehow I like to do this a little different. I like to put a little banana pepper jalapeño juice on mine. It just brings out the natural flavor and gives a good rich flavor to it. We’re going to put that in there also today. Let’s go and start assembling this. Let’s grab a roll here, and cut it in half, I’m going to put it right here. I like to take my sauce and pour it down at the center, that way, I will put my spoon inside of my jar because this one will go back in the refrigerator and I will make sure that I don’t put something in that jar that I’m not supposed to if that spoon is not really clean. Let’s go ahead and spread the sauce, try not to get it on the sheet pan because this going to burn when it’s baking in the oven. Now I've already turned over up the 450 degrees that’s what you have you want to do before you get started doing this. All right we got your sauce on there. Now we’re going to put our cheese. You can use other cheeses other than mozzarella. Mozzarella is a typical cheese for pizzas. You can use a Monterey Jack or even cheddar and the pepperoni we’re going to put on here in just a minute. If you like ham or if you like diced chicken on yours, round turkey, you can put any of those options on there. I'm going to put five slices of pepperoni across the top of these. This is just a fun activity you can do with your family. Everybody can make their own varieties on what they like to put on here. All right, I got a pretty much finish here. You could stop right here and go in the oven. I like again, I like to put a little bit of herbs on mine, sprinkle a little bit of oregano across them, a little bit of basil. All right, and for me, I like a little bit of pepper juice, so I'm just going to take this a little bit of pepper juice here and drizzle it. Again, don’t touch the pizza with the spoon because this is going back in the jar. I want try to stay as healthy as we can and you don’t want anything to get inside here that may cause this to go bad because we put a dirty spoon in there. We've got it all assembled as you can see, pretty simple. All right, in eight minutes this pizza will be ready, we got the oven all already at 450 degrees so now we’re going to put these in. I’ll see you in eight minutes. Kids, you can take your mom and dad. My pizzas are done and let’s a take a look at them, nice and crispy cheese is melted really well, pepperoni is nice and crisp on top. While the pizzas were cooking, I went and washed all my dishes up so that’s done and out of the way. And now what we’re going to do is we’re going to grab our plate, grab a couple of pieces of these pizzas. I've got a few more comments and then we’re going to go eat. Before I head off to enjoy my pizzas, just a couple of things I’d like to say. This is a fun out family activity. You can make individual pizzas the way you’d like yours. You might have a friend coming over, you can get mom and dad’s permission to use the oven. You can make your own personal pizzas. Kids, learn how to cook. You’ll love it for a lifetime. This is Chef David Bishop cooking and teaching. God bless.