Former Komen Exec Defends Funding Cut
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The vice president of public policy at Susan G. Komen for the Cure who backed the breast cancer charity's move to strip Planned Parenthood of funding resigned, saying she stands by the now-abandoned decision that set off a storm of controversy. (Feb. 7)


SOTKaren Handel, former vice president of public policy for Komen"I fully acknowledge that I was involved in this. I fully embrace that I was the lead in developing alternatives and working through the process. But make no mistake about it, the decision was fully vetted at every appropriate level of the organization. The board was fully briefed on it as well and knew that we were moving forward with this."SOTKaren Handel, former vice president of public policy for Komen"This was the best decision in my view for the organization in terms of how they were going to do granting to not be in the middle of a controversial issue and to be able to move the organization forward. What happened here is that Planned Parenthood turned the issue into politics, and they hijacked, literally hijacked this great organization and conducted what was the most unbelievable shakedown that I think we've seen in a long time. And the last time I checked, this is a private nonprofit organization that has every right, every right, to set its standards the way they choose to set it in the best interests of this organization. And make no mistake about this, Komen has always, always, and I fully believe and have full confidence that they will continue to always put their mission and the women that they serve first, and anyone who suggests otherwise is really playing politics and the only folks who did that was Planned Parenthood."SOTKaren Handel, former vice president of public policy for Komen"Planned Parenthood unleashed, unleashed, a premeditated, vicious attack not only on Komen but also on Ambassador Brinker as well. It is absolutely outrageous what transpired here."SOTKaren Handel, former vice president of public policy for Komen"My personal beliefs are my personal beliefs, and I am a professional, and when I walked in the door and I took my job at Komen, I took it under the following circumstances, that I was going to put the mission first, and in every single aspect of my job, I did just that."(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: matt friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: -----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:g0503BC-US--Planned Parenthood-Komen, 11th Ld-Writ