Food Choices for College
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Learn about the best foods for college students. This short video focuses on basic items for the dorm or student house, including snacks, and easy to prepare food items.

Transcript Hey! And welcome to watch I am Derek and today we are back in a kitchen. This is the kitchen atmosphere. This is where we do our kitchen stuff in. And today we are going to be talking to you students so then about easy foods, easy stuff to have in the house. Stuff that you always want to have just because in the morning you need food, at night you need food; just basic food items to have in your kitchen. The pop tarts; these are sweet fruity and delicious. Peanut butter; peanut butter goes with the bread and the toast. Chicken fried rice; this is just easy. How does this work? Microwave; microwave, we have one of those. Pasta is really easy. Turboz, ketchup and salad dressing; one can of tuna; margarine, you need for everything. Cheese is good for melting and eating. Oh, ice cubes; popsicles for keeping your body cool. The—of student food, craft dinner.