Folding Car Booster Seat Review
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Daddy Troy reviews all the features of the new folding booster seat from The First Years. Troy evaluates this booster car seat for convenience, design, and safety. Does this model stand out from the crowd?


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to gear daddy, I'm your host, Daddy Troy, stick around till after the break and I'll tell you all about. Today's episode is sponsored by BabyBjorn; they make some of the best baby gear on the planet - BabyBjorn! By reading Dadlabs Guide to Fatherhood: Pregnancy in Year One you would know that to drive home from the hospital you have to have an infant car seat. Well after that kids graduate to a car seat and then they actually go into a booster seat up until about 57 inches tall. At that point the seat belts in the car are designed to work for that size body. But between those to phases you use a booster seat and this one right here is for kids who are between 38 and 57 inches tall and 30 to 100 pounds. What I really like about this particular booster seat is that it is folding booster seats So check this out. You grab the little green lever on the back and it folds down just like this. When it folds down just like this it is nice and compact. It can store easily in the back of your trunk. It's also really easy to fold back out again. You don't have to pull any lever for this. You simply go like that and it pulls right out. The back goes up and down. It has an adjustable head rest but it also has an adjustable full back rest You'll notice on the back side right here you see that you have these little yellow tabs and if you push these yellows that goes up and down, check it out on this side right here. The whole unit goes up and down. So you have this full support all the way throughout. In this particular booster seat that the arms fold up check that out. And this does two things. Number one it makes it easier for a kid to get in, but it also makes helps a kid to put the seat belt in the right place. Their body goes in, the seat belt goes over their lap and then these come down. This one comes in camouflage. It comes in lots of colors. Now, the camoflag could be nice because your kids spills the stuff won't show up on the fabric but your still going to need to remove that fabric cause it can get pretty stinky. So as a result they have made it really easy to remove with these snaps right here sometimes it can be a really convoluted process to remove the fabric after the car seat or a booster seat, this one is fairly easy. What else I like about this particular car seat are the colors. I've already mentioned this a little bit but check this out right here. You've got the green lever which means it folds together. Green means go. You've go this really obvious red portion. This little packet right here goes in there, that's your instruction manual, which is really super important not only for safety but also for recall information. You've also got the part right here that's in red really important where the shoulder strap comes in and you've got these yellow tabs right here that allow you to adjust it up and down. You know every kid wants to have a cup holder; they want their own accessories for their car seats. These cup holders are really unique. They look a little angled down here you see could see in our studio but the minute they get into a seat, check that out, they are now perfectly horizontal and your going to get a lot less spills. This booster seat works with cars that have booth a lap belt and a shoulder belt. Since Airplanes don't have shoulder belts you won't be able to bring this on the airplane. So be forewarned. So that's the Compass Deluxe Folding Booster Seat from the First Years. You can get it at all the Big Box Stores for around sixty or seventy dollars. We've reviewed a lot of car seats and booster here at Dadlabs so if you like this review go over to to the videos page and we have a whole dedicated section to car seats. We'll see you next time on gear daddy and all with long at