Fmr. Rutgers Student Guilty in Webcam Case
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A former college student convicted in the webcam spying episode that ended in his gay roommate's suicide could be headed off to prison in a case experts say stands as a tragic lesson about unintended consequences in the Internet age. (March 16)


WITH A LOOK OF DISBELIEF ON HIS FACE, THE VERDICT WAS HANDED DOWN(NATS)DHARUN RAVI FOUND GUILTY ON ALL FIFTEEN COUNTS...A STUNNING VERDICT FOR THE 20-YEAR-OLD FORMER RUTGERS STUDENT…..(NATS)NOW OFFICIALLY CONVICTED OF A HATE CRIME AND FACED WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF DEPORTATION, RAVI AND HIS FAMILY EXITED THE COURTROOM TO A CRUSH OF CAMERAS…..SOLEMN…..(JOE CLEMENTI) "The trial was painful for us as it would be for any parent who must sit and listen to people talk about bad an inappropriate things that were done to their child."HEARING THE VERDICT WAS AN EMOTIONAL MOMENT FOR THE CLEMENTI FAMILY…..THEIR SON TYLER KILLED HIMSELF AFTER RAVI SET UP A WEB CAM TO SPY ON A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER BETWEEN CLEMENTI AND ANOTHER MAN…THE CLEMENTI'S WANT THIS TO BE AN IMPORTANT LESSON FOR YOUNG PEOPLE(JOE CLEMENTI) "To our college, high school, and middle school youngsters, I would say this. You're going to meet a lot of people in your lifetime and some of these people you might not like. But just because you don't like them doesn't mean you have to work against them."THE CASE GAINED WIDESPREAD ATTENTION AFTER CLEMENTI COMMITTED SUICIDE AFTER JUMPING OFF THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE NEARLY A YEAR AND HALF AGO…..ALONG WITH OTHER CHARGES RAVI WAS CONVICTED OF INVASION OF PRIVACY AND BIAS INTIMIDATION…JURORS THOUGHT LONG AND HARD, DELIBERATING FOR 11 HOURS TO DETERMINE IF RAVI'S ACTIONS ANTI-GAY(MARGARET FINERTY/FORMER JUDGE) "They also had to determine if Mr. Clementi in fact felt intimidated by Mr. Ravi's actions and they determined that yes he did. And he felt intimated based on his sexual orientation and that is was reasonable for under these circumstances to do so."(BONNY STANDUP) "This is really the first case of it's kind to combine the aspects of cyber bullying in a hate crime. Ravi faces up to 10 years behind bars. He is scheduled to appear in court again in May for sentencing. In New Brunswick, New Jersey, Bonny Ghosh, AP."[SIGOUT/REPORTER, LOCATION, ASSOCIATED PRESS]