Flashlight iPhone App Review
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In this episode of The iPhone App Show, we take a look at the free Flashlight application in the App Store, and we also go off the radar, and take a look at the better Flashlight application that can be found on a jailbroken iPhone in Cydia.


Hello everyone! Welcome to the iPhone App Show. I am Lane Fournerat a.k.a. LaneVids, LaneVids.com. Make sure to check out that website and also do a little subscribing for me please, subscribe. Today, we’re going to take a look at an application. In this application, well, actually we’re going to do a little double looking here. We are going to start of with flashlight which I found in the app store. Yes, this one is free. There are a couple of other paid flashlight applications. As you can see it opens it up to a white blank screen thus, you being able to see in the dark with this poorly lit flashlight depending on what your brightness setting is at. You can scroll through. My effects are on right now, so I’ll get the chasers. These blocks had changed color. Blocks I get bigger and change color, bigger and smaller. Two blocks that stay the same size but changed color. This one is smooth. What this one is going to do is just kind of rotate between colors and fade in between them, pretty nice, pretty kind of cool. This one is called SOS. Basically, a help signal that mix in between the white and the black, deep Treppe. It’s going to take all your deeper looking colors and play them for you. We have Treppe here, it’s just going to play all your colors in a Treppe like way. A red, black, and blue, just switches between them, red, white, and blue, same thing, red and white, same thing. Strobe with your custom color which we’ll get to custom colors in a bit. Strobe with white custom color and then you go through all your normal colors here. That’s the first look at flashlight. If you want to get into the details over, we’re going to double click our screen and it’s going to open up our settings and you can pick what color that you want the application to start at. So, it can be red, green, blue, black or you can choose the question mark which should be your custom color. Now, to create a custom color, you just simply slide your red, your green, and your blue and you’ll be able to make a custom color out of that. You can open settings by double tap, tap once anywhere or tap the center or hold down for two seconds. You’ll notice four other buttons at the bottom there. We have special effects. We can turn this on or off with the simple tap, and there is a warning on there about the seizures which is pretty ridiculous because none of them I don’t think can really cause a seizure. We’re going to the Help section. Basically, it gives you your basic controls and some other info which it says, “Flashlight nor any other app can override your phone’s brightness settings. Please increase brightness in settings app for best results.” Well, we’re going to see about that. Now, we can go into the About section which it just gives you a little bit about the application, about the dude and what not. So, let’s go and hit Done and that is Flashlight, it’s kind of fun. What I really don’t like about those is you have to go into your settings to turn off your brightness. So, let’s go off the radar and we’re going to take a look at another Flashlight application on the top right. I’m going to click that. It’s going to bright must have all the way up. Now, you can’t find this one in the app store and that’s why we have gone off the radar for this one. You must jailbreak your iPhone over—and do a search for Flashlight and you should find this one. Another thing you can do with this one is at the bottom it says, strobe and it does this awesome strobe effect that’s a lot faster than the other applications strobing effect and it turns up your brightness all of the way which is very awesome, very hand. And if you want to go with a Flashlight application, I definitely recommend this one I mean, you can see the difference just with me moving it from in front and out of my face, but to do that, you’re going to have to know how to jailbreak your iPhone. So, that’s the look at the two flashlight applications. I hope that was helpful for you guys. I’ll see you guys in the next app. Remember, lanevids.com and subscribe.