Fla. Teen Survives 3-Foot Spear to the Head
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A 16-year-old boy from South Florida is recovering after doctors removed a 3-foot-long fishing spear that wait straight through his skull from front to back. (June 19)


[Notes:SOURCE: WSVN]THE X-RAYS ARE SHOCKING ENOUGH. A THREE-FOOT FISHING SPEAR clearly SHOT THROUGH THE SKULL OF A 16-YEAR-OLD BOY.[Notes:MIAMI 6/7/12][Notes:VO: TEEN ON STRETCHER]BUT LOOK AT THIS. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE SPEAR PROTRUDING FROM YASSER LOPEZ'S HEAD AS HE ARRIVES AT MIAMI'S JACKSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.THAT WAS NEARLY TWO WEEKS AGO. NOW DOCTORS ARE DESCRIBING THE UNBELIEVABLE INJURY.(sot: dr. George garcia/jackson memorial hospital)it's a striking injury. Something you don't see everyday to have a patient arrive awake and speaking with a three-foot spear through his head."[Notes:VO: FISHING SPOT, POLICE CARS]POLICE SAY LOPEZ WAS GETTING READY TO GO FISHING WITH A FRIEND WHEN A SPEARGUN ACCIDENTALLY WENT OFF. THE SPEAR ENTERED HIS SKILL ABOUT AN INCH ABOVE HIS RIGHT EYE.(SOT: DR. ROSS BULLOCK/ JACKSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL)The most important thing is to resist that temptation to pull the thing out," [Notes:STILL OF CUTTING TOOL]ONCE AT THE HOSPITAL, DOCTORS CUT ABOUT A FOOT OFF THE SPEAR IN ORDER TO DO A CT SCAN.(sot: dr. George garcia/jackson memorial hospital)"We quickly got our anesthesiology colleagues to sedate him and intubate him and put a breathing tube in and then chemically paralyzed him so he would remain still, the spear wouldn't move," [Notes:VO: IMAGES OF BRAIN SCANS]DOCTORS SAY THE SPEAR MISSED EVERY MAJOR BLOOD VESSEL IN LOPEZ'S BRAIN. IT ALSO HIT THE RIGHT SIDE OF HIS BRAIN--RATHER THAN THE LEFT. THAT MEANS LOPEZ HAS BEEN ABLE TO SPEAK. AMAZINGLY, HE'S NOT IN PAIN AND DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER THE ACCIDENT.(SOT: DR. ROSS BULLOCK/ JACKSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL)"He's going into rehab very soon within sometime this week,And young people rehabilitate from injuries like this incredibly well. So, we are very upbeat about his potential for recovery."[Notes:VO: TEEN ON STRETCHER]THAT RECOVERY MAKE TAKE TWO TO THREE MONTH. THE ONLY LASTING EFFECTS COULD BE SOME CLUMSINESS IN HIS LEFT ARM.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: matt friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: wsvn-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: courtesy