Fixing The Heart Eliminates Migraines
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In this medical video learn how some people with Patent Formen Ovale, a small hole in part of their hearts, sealing the hole seems to reduce or prevent Migraines.


Jennifer Matthews: For most of Joyce Smith's life, migraines have been in control. Joyce Smith: One time it was so bad I couldn't even see to dial the phone. It was just that bad. Jennifer Matthews: But now she is in control. After more than seven decades of pain, her migraines are gone. Joyce Smith: Hallelujah. I can go wherever I want to go, whenever and not worry about taking any medicine with me or anything. Jennifer Matthews: How her headaches vanished has even surprised doctors. Dr. Mark Reisman: This was completely unexpected. This was completely fortuitous, and in fact, only after we heard the same story two or three or four times did we then start to acknowledge that there was something special going on here. Jennifer Matthews: The migraines disappeared after stroke survivors had a procedure to prevent future strokes. The outpatient surgery seals a hole in the heart to stop tiny blood clots from going to the brain. Now research is underway to find out why that procedure is eliminating migraines. Dr. Mark Reisman: For migraine sufferers, it's an enormous opportunity. Jennifer Matthews: It's an opportunity Joyce didn't expect. After her stroke, she had the procedure. And when she left the hospital, her migraines left too. Joyce Smith; Have never had a migraine since. Jennifer Matthews: Doctors say sealing the hole in the heart eliminated migraines for 55 percent of people who had the procedure. This is Jennifer Matthews reporting.