Five Things Not to Say During Labor and Delivery
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In this DadLabs video Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad discuss the five phrases Dads should never say in the labor and delivery room. These five phrases should be avoided at all cost during the birth of a baby. Starting with number 5, Is that normal? Never show fear in the delivery room, and always stay calm and collected with your pregnant wife. Number 4 is avoiding anything that involves my Mom says. While experiencing childbirth the last thing your wife wants to hear is any advise.


Daddy Clay: Daddy Brad, its a really exciting time, because basically any day now, you can you could get the big call, and go rushing right out of the door. Daddy Brad: Yes and my wife is getting ready to have the baby too. Daddy Clay: Which is why now is a good time to review the five things that a dad should never say during labor and delivery. Daddy Brad: Today's no-nos are brought to you by BabyBjorn. And why aren't there yes-yesses? If there were yes-yesses, BabyBjorn would be yes-yes. Daddy Clay: You know Daddy Brad, this episode is all offer you in honor of the impending birth of your third child, and we offer these five phrases for dads to avoid while they are in the labor and delivery room. You know, just thank you on behalf of all dadlabs; I want to thank you for your willingness to have a third child just for the company. Daddy Brad: Well, you're welcome. Whatever it takes. Daddy Clay: So, I have in my hand, the five phrases to avoid. The number five phrase, "Is that normal?" Even if you think your voice is completely devoid of fear or is that normal? Daddy Brad: Don't say that. Mommy Marcella: If the mom sees the dad, you know, start to have a feeling of panic or start to feeling of disruption, and then it's going to affect her nervous system and affect the process of the labor. It could even stop or slow down the labor, if she's really worrying about if the dad is worrying. So, while it's understandable for the dad to be a little worried sometimes, maybe he can go ask a care provider or a nurse about what's going on and try to keep himself calm for the mom as much as possible. Daddy Brad: Holy crap! In that vein you want to avoid the holy crap! Smooth and steady. Daddy Clay: That's a good ambition for you. Daddy Brad: Yeah. Daddy Clay: Holy crap is a subset of -- Daddy Brad: Yeah I'm exited. Daddy Clay: Okay, Number four; we know my mom says -- Mommy Tina: I think moms forget what it was like. The mother in law's best way is to listen. I think less advice is better. Maybe the mother could give her an important task outside of the room. You know, it's a special time for the husband and the wife. Daddy Brad: Yeah, that's a big no, no. birth is a very personal and intense experience and you wife doesn't want to hear anything about anybody else especially you mama. I know from the first one. I was telling about the history of childbirth and got knocked up side of the head with an emesis tray. Do you know what an emesis tray is? Daddy Clay: I think that an emesis tray is the kidney shape plastic receptacle that you put your vomit into it. Daddy Brad: Yes, yes. Daddy Clay: Was it an empty one? Daddy Brad: Thankfully it was. Daddy Clay: Moving on to the number three phrase to avoid during labor and delivery. Why is the birth in the metric system? Daddy Brad: Do you have to say like an erne's voice. You don't want to say that. Regardless of how you sound, even if you are, you has like do conversion in your head just - Mommy Jodi: So when I'm in labor I like to be the one who's funny but that's just a personal battle between me and Owen. It totally depends on the momma and where she's at, but most women, especially when labor gets really intense, any talking at all feels like a lot. Dads should be listening to moms, listening to like their words and also adjust to their body language and some moms be totally fine with jokes and some moms will feel, like they want a more serious tone in the room. Daddy Brad: Man, I'm not going to make another joke again until Halloween, because laughing is very painful after birth. Daddy Clay: It's even worse if you got a c-section. You know, humor and sex are actually on a similar, sort of return curve postpartum. So, now we're going to move on to the number two phrase, that you should avoid in the labor and delivery room if you are dad "Honey, I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Daddy Brad: Little late. Daddy Clay: -- missed your window with that one. Although you want address your inside things, your feelings and anxieties about becoming a father you want to make a date, you know, sit down talk over these things with your partner. You definitely want to get them out in the open, just not whiles she is pushing her baby out. Daddy Brad: Probably before you can see, there's a better idea. Mommy Tina: He needs to realize that there's never a perfect time. Many moms and dads have done this in the past. Just try and relax and support his wife and really focus on the baby and his wife. Daddy Brad: He's got the easy part? Mommy Tina: Yes, the easy part. Daddy Clay: Okay, now the number one phrase that you want to avoid in the labor and delivery room and that is, Daddy Brad: Lay down honey, come on just suck it out. Daddy Clay: Toughen up baby. Daddy Brad: Come on. Daddy Clay: Toughen up. Daddy Brad: Let's go. Daddy Brad: Come on let's go Daddy Clay: You can do it. Daddy Brad: For god's sakes. Daddy Clay: -- Daddy Brad: Baby, baby. Daddy Clay: These are things that you don't. Daddy Brad: Don't say. Thanks, Daddy Clay. I'm refreshed and ready for labor and delivery. Daddy Clay: After reading your most recent blog I think you could use a lot help. Daddy Brad: Yeah, definitely. Daddy Clay: You know you should go and read Daddy Brad's blog at While you are there, add to the discussion forums, your deliver don'ts BabyBjorn-money's worth, pick up a copy of our new book while you there, may be a teacher kind of merge out. Daddy Brad: Thanks our sponsor, BabyBjorn. Daddy Clay, you know I have my little baby in a couple of weeks and it will be rocking BabyBjorn. Daddy Clay: Right there. Daddy Brad: Right there. Rock in, that's all for us in this segment of lab. We'll see you next time.