Five Delivery Room Tips for Dads
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Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay give five simple tips for dads in the delivery room. Your wife is pregnant and in the birth center and you're ready for labor and delivery. You've been following the pregnancy week by week, and you think you're prepared for childbirth. However, there are some simple things you might forget when waiting on baby delivery. First, you might want to consider bringing change for the snack machine. The labor delivery could take a while and you don't to stray to far ...


Male Speaker: I wonder if any two word phrase could possibly have a more powerful effect on an expecting dad. Male Speaker: Honey! It’s time. Male Speaker: We’d like to thank our sponsors BabyBjörn. Studies have shown that regular babywearing and close contact actually reduces crying times. BabyBjörn. Male Speaker: Yeah, but nobody is going to wear you in the delivery room, so you kind of have to figure out another way to calm down. Male Speaker: Which is exactly what we will bring you in today’s episode. Five simple tips for dads in the delivery room. Male Speaker: Tip number one, bring change for the wending machine. Laboring delivery can last from six to 36 hours and you might get hungry, and you need to take care of yourself nutritionally. You can bring some nutrition bars in your bag, but if your stomach starts growling during the laboring delivery process it’s time to take that quick trip to the wending machines, instead of the longer trip to the café. You don’t want to miss anything. Hospitals are usually very thoughtful about having healthy, nutritious, and pretty tasty stuff in these machines. Male Speaker: Watching the pain of laboring delivery can actually drive a dad a little bit nuts, kind of make you go cave manager impulse to rescue your wife, and the pain of laboring delivery can drive to start a fight with an anesthesiologist or even an unlucky candy striper. They can’t take away the pain, but you can’t give a damn good foot massage, and that’s some nandy-pandy, make it up as you go along foot massage. Go to, or, or, do a search, watch a video or two or three and get some technique. It will make her feel better just a little bit, and may be you too. Male Speaker: Make a very special playlist on your iPod or MP3 Player. Include the songs that you know she loves, not the songs that you think she should love or that you are teaching her to love, put the ones on there and then make her smile and make her happy. Even if you hate the songs, especially if you hate the songs include those, this will show how much you love her, it’s all about you honey, it’s all about you, your songs. Rig up a way that you can listen to the player as well, extra batteries, extra power sources, you can manage it. Male Speaker: Next tip, pack a push-present. A push-present is a small gift or token delivered postpartum to thank mom for the beautiful work that she has just done. Nothing practical here, no blenders or vacuums plus that’s kind of tough to pack. But this isn’t an engagement ring either, consider a birth stone theme, and if your wife is like mine, break the long fast with a bottle of lovely champagne or chardonnay and a special snack. Pick a moment when the craziness has calmed down and just celebrate her. Male Speaker: And the last and most important tip, don’t faint. If you get queasy and easily faint, say during the epidural or during crowning, look away, keep eye contact with mom. Don’t faint. Male Speaker: Yeah, but there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. So don’t feel bad if you do. Male Speaker: He says that because he is easy-queasy. Male Speaker: I did. Have you ever seen those fainting go to like scaring, that’s me. Male Speaker: Bird’s poopy things. Male Speaker: I pass out very easily. We want to thank our sponsors BABYBJÖRN, all the materials that go into this BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Air have passed one of the most rigorous safety standards in the world, the European Oekotek standard. BabyBjörn! Male Speaker: If you’ve got some survival tips about how to get through laboring delivery, go to and let us know. We’d love to hear about them. Male Speaker: Yeah, we’ll see you there. Thanks for joining us this week here in the lab.