Fitness Tips For Families
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How do you get kids off the couch or computer for a daily dose of exercise? Fitness expert Joe Decker has a few clever ideas that will get parents moving, too.


Joe Decker: Hi! I'm Joe Decker, the world's fittest man. As childhood obesity rates continue to climb, as this is important for kids to stay active as it is for adults, but as we know, it's not always easy getting kids off the couch. Therefore, you've got to be creative and find things you can do together as a family. After weekday dinners take a walk, but not just any walk, make it a Treasure Hunt. Go on a search for can recycle, a color leaf, or a house with a red door, make it fun. Most kids hate chores, but the another good area where you can get the kids moving, the trick is turning them into a game. Who can rake the most leaves in the backyard, or who can vacuum an entire room the fastest. Just remember that you are in it too. Staying active as a family is just as important in the pre-teen and the teen years and you will still have to be creative. Video games and television can be very tempting. On weekends plan family biking or hiking trips, and for a variety try different routes, or sign-up for a bike race or a walkathon and train for it together. Whatever the age, it's important to talk to your kids about the benefits of physical activity, the key is to be a good role model, join in on the fun, break a sweat and your kids will be more likely to follow. I'm Joe Decker keeping you in the Motion Zone.