Fitness for Kids - Coordination Exercises
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Kids Cardio Conditioning video series by personal trainer, Margie Weiss - Coordination Exercises


Margie Weiss: My name is Margie Weiss, and this is Kids Cardio Conditioning. This is a fun exercise for coordination and cardio. The object behind working your arms is that you’re going to distract the child from the fact that they are going cardio, because what they’re going to be doing is running in place. But this is a hand-eye coordination drill that’s really good and it’s fun and the kids will take it away and they’ll practice it and they’ll come back and you’ll be amazed that they’ll have it the second or third time, especially, if you practice it in the mirror. We are going to start slow without walking and I’ll show you what we’re going to do. We’re going to take our right arm straight to the ceiling, then we’re going to take it to the side, then down and then into the side, then do it one more time. Take it up, take it out, take it down, take it side. Now, the left arm, we’re going to do something different. Take it up, take it down, take it up easy, right. When you are standing in place and you are doing one at the time, easy. Okay, now let’s add something to the mix. They’re going to jog, nice and easy at their own pace. Now we are going to take just the right arm. Take it up, take it out, take it down, take it out, take it up and out and down. Now the left arm, just up, just down, just up and see what’s coming right. Take it up and down, one more, we’re going to do them together; up, one is out, one is down, one is out, up and out and down; every one starts here out, down and out, and repeats again, up and out, down and out. Let’s go faster, up, out, down, out, up, out, down, out, up, out, and then they screw it up and that can get really funny because they can’t do it. So, the idea is what they’ve done is a bunch of cardio because they’ve been jumping and running for 30 seconds to a minute, but they are so busy concentrating on what they are doing with their upper body. It’s great for your coordination but it also gives you that cardio kick that we are trying to do. If again you can't jump or hop with your feet coming off, you can do the same things with your feet on the ground, so that your feet never quite leave the ground called low impact option for each of these. Parents try this too, it’s a real fun drill to do.