Fishing with Your Kids
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Taking your kids fishing is a classic in the Quality Time repertoire. Whether you are an experienced angler or a lunker, it's easier than you think to take the kids out to get the hooks wet. Daddy Brad is your guide.


DADDY BRAD: Whether it's in a boat, off a bridge or on a bank, taking your kids fishing is a whale of a good time. And whales aren't fish. Hey guys what are we going to do? Male Speaker: Fish, fish. This episode is of Quality Time is brought to you by Baby Bjorn, the finest baby gear on the planet, Baby Bjorn. It doesn't matter whether you're a rugged mountain man like Grizzly Adams or if you are a recovering metrosexual, you can take your kids fishing. It is exciting for the kids, it provides great opportunities to talk and really bond with them and that something that you can do to get the for a life time. For your expert angle of that there, keep in mind don't try to get too complicated. A good day fishing for a kid is really about hanging out with dad, eating snacks, playing with the worms and feeding the ducks. It's not about catching the bunch of fish. Keep it simple. And for the fellows who don't know - since I know about fishing, don't worry all you need is a pole, some coats, some hooks, some weight, some bait, and some water with fish in it. You can find everything you need. It's your local big box sporting goods store like Academy or Bass Pro Shops. You can also find the stuff at a local bait and tackle shop, a little less expensive at the big bag stores, with a little more local flavor at the bait and tackle shops. You want to start your kids off with old school cane pole. Now, these bad boys come pre assembled, you have got your line, your hook the court and you split shot. When they properly learn to hook a fish, they can graduate to this; the kids sized closed face rod and real rigs. But these are pre assembled. So, you have to figure out how to put it on the core, the split shot and the hook, and if you have kids that are really little and they are not ready for hooks, you can get one of these cute little casting rods. Next you are going to need some bait. Worms work best, and are the most fun for the kids to play with. You can dig some out of the flowerbed in your back yard or buy a box of them at the bait and tackle shop. Big juicy night crawlers are usually the fish's favorite. If you are a too scared to put a worm on a hook you probably shouldn't be fishing -- I'm just kidding you can use corn form a can. But don't give your kids corn for snacks, get some good snacks. Some Pepsi, cola, soy beans. The last piece to this puzzle is finding your fishing hole. I don't care if you live in the inner city or middle of the desert you can find a fishing hole to take your kids fishing look for natural lakes or man made lakes, rivers, some rivers on right down through the cities neighborhood duck ponds and if you got a buddy with a boat, have him take you and your kids fishing. There is a great online resource for all your fishing questions it's called They can help you find a local fishing hole, they have got a huge catalogue and tips and techniques and the also will tell you about state by state regulations and permit requirements, now if you are fishing on the bank with your kids with cane pole you are most likely not going to have to have a permit to do that. Well that's all for us this week at quality time I'd like to thank our sponsor Baby Bjorn, the finest baby gear on the planet Baby Bjorn. Oh, and I almost forgot, teach your kids how to tell a good fish story because they got to be able to tell mom about things didn't happen to mom. Male Speaker: I got a fish this big and I took a picture and the picture weights 5 pounds. DADDY BRAD: If you've got a great fish story, go on over to and join the community and let us know.