Fishing Lure Options to Catch Heavy Fish
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you different fishing lures to catch heavy fish.


Now real quickly, the terminal gear for this rod will be very simple. We've been talking about using a leader and this is exactly what I mean by that. This is the leader that we already have made up, this has 80 pound test line. I would go anywhere from 80 pound to about 100, 125. And this hook here is for small mackerel. Hooks out fine, it’s a 6O live bait hook. We might go all the way up to 8O live bait hook, depending on the size of the bait that we have. And we always try to go with the dark hook or a metal hook that will go ahead and dissolve in the fish quickly. Always stay away from stainless steel hooks, it will never rust out of the fish. We want to have something that if its hooked in the corner of the mouth or hooked a little bit deep and we can't get to the fish because the fish is just too mean or conditions are just too rough. We want to be able to just cut the line, release the fish and know that that hooks just going to rust out in a day or two. But we always try to take the hook out whenever possible. Now, when we're not fishing with bait, what we want to do is fish with lures. And here's a little selection of lures here that we use. And you notice that the lures that I use all have flat heads and the reason for that is that they push water. This is a lure that was modified so that we could fish for both large tuna and sail fish. We took the zooker, cut it down a tiny bit and it works out perfect for both. Again the flat head. And because we're going to be trolling this so fast in the water, use anywhere from 7 to about 9 knots, you can go ahead and fish heavy lines on this. Don’t be afraid to put on 300-400 pound leader on the trolley lures. You wouldn’t do that with the bait fishing because lots of time you toss the bait right on the fish. Here's a zooker 3.5, this works out really good. This is a great lure for sail fish. I can't tell you how may stuff you can catch on this lure. And it comes in different colors, some are called bleeding mackerel. A good rule is you want to have couple of lures in the water that are light colored and maybe a couple of darker colors. And the reason for that is there's lots of skip jack, benita in the water, they like that black and purple lure. If there's lots of dorado in the water, they like something like this, this color or even the color what we call bleeding mackerel, works out good. Now, I have a double hook rig here with wire. Again the reason for this is a lots of the fish that we catch in this area, could be a sail fish or maybe 100 pound wahu. So I want to be protected with the wire leader back in this area, just in case I hook something like that. Again here's another zooker, this is red and orange colored. Works out really good. I've taken bunch of sail fish on this particular lure. And again, got a little comes back rig, two hook rig. You can buy the rigs in Mexico, order pre-arranged or from your local tackle store here in California or through a catalog. Wherever you feel convenient buying your tackle from. Usually the local tackles shops though is the best place to go, because then you can get firsthand knowledge from an expert there on how to rig up your gear for fishing. What colors have been popular? And again, they make this in lots of different heads, but as a rule I use a flat head for my trolley lure. Now in comparison, this is a 5.5 zooker. You see how much bigger this lure is. And what I like to do with this is troll this close to the boat and use it as a teaser. And you’d be surprise, sometimes you catch a big blue marlin, big stripe piranha. And don’t be surprised if a sailfish eats this. I've seen sail fish eat huge baits sometimes when they're really hungry and they’ll come up and they’ll swallow that no problem. Again that's a lot bigger from the 3.5, that’s a 5.5. But don’t be afraid, they’ll come up and they’ll eat it. This is the basic gear, make sure that when you travel you have a good selection. Different colors, different sizes. A lot of the boats that you will be fishing on in central America and in Baja have the trolling lures already, but they may not have good leader material because it’s hard for this people to get good quality material all the time. So you might want to carry a fresh spool of leader material for bait fishing. Remember anywhere from 125 down to 80 pound test line. And then you might want even bring a spool of heavy line for trolling lures, something like 300 pound test line like this. It’s perfect, large hooks, it’s always good to bring something on your own terminal tackle. If you're going to go ahead and use a boat rod and stuff, don’t be afraid to bring down your own tackle. For me personally, I always bring my own rods and reels. I want to make sure that the reel has fresh line on it. I want to make sure that the hooks are sharp, I have a wide selection of lures that I feel confident in catching fish in.