Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumparoo
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This video from babyssentials gives you a review of the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo.


Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumparoo Hi, I’m Erica with and I’ll be your host today. I’m going to be talking about the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumparoo. Right after that, let me just tell you this took about 10 minutes to assemble which was one of the easier things that I ever had to assemble in my life which was great. Another great thing is this also matches the Fisher Price Precious Planet High chair. So if you’re looking for kind of a motif theme, this might be the way to go for you. Now in terms of the general features that come with this jumparoo, it comes with rubber feet which is fantastic because if you have wooden floors this gym is not going to scrap your floor at all. It also comes with three high adjust settings so it will grow with your baby depending on how tall your child is, you can adjust the chair accordingly. Now in terms of the gym itself as your child jumps it’s going to activate the gym as you can see. What’s good about that is it really teaches your baby about the cause and effect. As they jump it activates them and teaches cause and effect. Another great thing is this is a very great gym. It’s full of bunch of different toys that comes with a bunch of different colors. It also had a lot of different songs settings and a lot of different things going on. So it’s really going to stimulate your child’s auditory and visual senses. Another great thing is that this jumparoo is actually going to keep your baby inner tune for a lot longer than a traditional gym because the chair itself rotates 360 degrees. So as your child is turning, it can play with all the different toys. Now let me talk about kind of the safety features that come with this gym. First of all, I think that a poor gym is a lot safer than the kind of gym that hangs on the back of the door because you risk with the door gym, your child can jump into the door. There’s also a lot of risk with pinching and hurting yourself. So I think that a floor gym is really the way to go. Another thing that I really like about this gym is that everything is really padded. Everything is very soft and cushiony so there’s not that big risk of pinching and no types of injuries. So it’s a very safe jumper and I really like that about it. Now the parents are going to love the last thing that I want to talk about which is in the back. There’s a control panel that’s basically have all of your settings. So the first thing that’s great is it has a volume control so you can really adjust the volume accordingly. If you want it loud, it can be loud. If you want it quiet, it can be quiet. It also has a different song setting on the back. So if you want to play a different song you can just push the button and there you go. It also has an on-off setting so that you can just take your child in a gym without the music and lights or with the music and light, so I really like that. So just to review, it comes with the rubber feet which is fantastic. It comes with the high setting. It’s a very bright gym. It’s going to really stimulate your child for a lot longer with that rotating chair and all the different toys that are all around this gym. And it’s also very safe because it’s a floor gym and it’s very and padded. So I hope that you enjoyed this review. I hoped it really gave you some insight into the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumparoo. Again, my name is Erica with Thanks a lot.