First Fishing Day's Catch in Alaska
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you his first fishing day's catch in Alaska.


Dan Hernandez: Thanks a lot, we had a great time today. Male Speaker: Yeah and you are more than welcome Dan, it was great fishing with you guys. Dan Hernandez: My dad, they both got limits, everybody got limits today, it was great fishing. That big halibut, it's a huge fish today and that was like traditional kind of a chicken spot. Male speaker: We thought that was a chicken hole and we caught that on our salmon gears. Dan Hernandez: That's hard as salmon we've got our big halibut last years, a bigger one. Not quite that big but we had some big ones last year. Male Speaker: Lot of times the Salmon gear, we caught some on the Salmon gear. That was a lot of fun. Dan Hernandez: Well, today is day one of our three day adventure up here in beautiful Alaska. So, next week, we are going to be right back here with more exciting action from Craig Alaska here at Shelter Cove lodge. We'll show you more salmon fishing, more halibut fishing. We'll be back here with Eddie and my dad again, be lot of fun. So, make plans to join us right here in next week for another exciting episode of Sport Fishing.