Finding a Home With Online Tools - Finding a School
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If you have kids or are planning to in the future then looking up schools around your future home is a must. There are many resources online to help you find a school that meets your needs and we'll walk you through a couple of them in this episode. allows you to search for schools by district and see if schools are open for enrolment and will give you school ratings.


Butterscotch Tutorial Special Finding a home with online tools Part six of ten: Selecting a neighborhood-school search. Molly McDonald: If you have children or planning on it in the future, then you want to check out the school situation in the area where you wish to live. is a helpful site, where you can enter in a school, school district or city. Click on go and then get information on what grades are open at each school, you will see a parental rating with reviews written by parents and you can refine your search by preschool, elementary, middle and high school and public or private. also allows you to simply enter in a location and then view a map with markers of where the schools are. You can click on the markers to view more information about each school like the rating and the ranking of the school. You can also then choose to view homes for sale near to school. School Digger also has links choose school district rankings, city rankings and the best schools. Thanks for watching and don't miss the next episode in the finding a home with online tools series. Male Speaker: Hey this is Doc, if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to put your own content on the web go get domain names from Just visit and you'll get 10% off and support shows like these, thanks.