FBI: Dozens of Underage Prostitutes Freed
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The FBI has announced a major prostitution sweep in 57 cities. The FBI says more than 100 pimps were arrested and 79 child victims of prostitution were freed. (June 26)


[Location - Date:OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA/JUNE 25][Source:KGO][VO:][SOT/:MICHAEL GAVIN/FBI ASSISTANT AGENT IN CHARGE][Notes:SOURCE: KGO]in 57 cities across the country, 79 children were rescued and 104 invididuals[Notes:SOURCE: KGO FILE]who exploited them were arrested.[SOT/:MICHAEL GAVIN/FBI ASSISTANT AGENT IN CHARGE]every city had at least one of two juveniles that were liberated. None had more than six. [SOT/:LG. JOHNNY DAVIS/OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT]they didn't say they were kindapped. They were out there because [Notes:SOURCE: KGO FILE]they were forced to be out there by some pimp.[SOT/:MICHAEL GAVIN/FBI ASSISTANT AGENT IN CHARGE]how we take care of these young ladies after they've been rescued is a critical key to operation cross country being successful.[SOT/:LG. JOHNNY DAVIS/OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT][Notes:SOURCE: KGO FILE]Counseling and those types of things go a long way towards getting these girls off the street.(****END****)