Father's Day Gifts on a Budget
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Join Better.TV's Lesley Nagy and expert Cindy Piccoli to look at great Father's Day gift ideas on a budget.


Father's Day Gifts on a Budget Lesley Nagy: Father’s Day is around the corner so it’s time to show your dad a little love and appreciation for holding down the forth. Lifestyle expert Cindy Piccoli is her with some great ideas for everyone in the family. Thank you for joining us. Cindy Piccoli: Oh my pleasure, thank you. Yes I've got some great things for dad and he deserves it. Lesley Nagy: He does always. I see you have some big things. Cindy Piccoli: Well people are price conscious these days so one place to shop that’s great is Wal-Mart or walmart.com, let me show you what I got there. Wilson gloves $5, a box of 12 Wilson balls name brands for less and a towel each $5 that’s pretty good. And I love this, this is Ozark Trail rolling cooler, it rolls. It got insulated room inside. Lesley Nagy: He can have a fresh drink when he is out playing sports. [Voice overlap] Cindy Piccoli: That’s less than $30 so Wal-Mart is great. Now, for the fashion-forward dad really cares about fashion all you got to do is go to perryellis.com you can shop at home. We've got some great accessories in perryellis.com. We have a platinum laptop sleeve for your computer to make it look great and make him smell great with the platinum fragrance that we were trying earlier, I love that. And I love this multidimensional watch, really, really great watch. It’s heavy, really, really strong just like dad. And messenger bag because dad’s pockets can't hold everything anymore these days. Lesley Nagy: And then dad can hold stuff for you too. Cindy Piccoli: That’s right at perryellis.com. Now for beer-loving dads, the ultimate way to enjoy a beer, take a look here. This is a very special glass. This is the Boston Logger Pinch Glass from Samuel Adams. It was specially designed to create turbulence when you sip the beer releasing the aroma and there's etching on the bottom to create more bubbles. And you just buy a set of four they're $30 at samueladams.com. Lesley Nagy: Wow that is one I think that he would appreciate the most. Cindy Piccoli: I think so too. Be sure to give him the glasses and the beer. Okay now for dads that are into sports and nice car, the world’s first pocket-size radar gun. Take a look right there. It accurate measures speed with a touch of a button, golf, tennis, baseballs even cars and it weighs only 4- 1/2 ounces. Isn’t it unbelievable? Lesley Nagy: It’s tiny smaller than a cellphone. Cindy Piccoli: Yes it certainly is 4-1/2 ounces. Pocketradar.com is a $199 or amazon.com. And we've got one more we’re going to make dad the hero here. We’re going to get rid of all the mosquitoes in the yard for his barbecues. This is the All Clear Cordless Mosquito Mister. Lesley Nagy: This is a big gift. Cindy Piccoli: Yes it is but it’s a great gift because it covers 2000 square feet with one 3-minute mist and it’s all natural which I really like, I love that. So it’s safe for kids, it’s safe for food, it’s safe for pets so just one 3-minute mist covers 2000 square feet with all natural All Clear Cordless Mosquito Mister. Lesley Nagy: And I think that one would help the whole family, no one is getting bit by mosquitoes. Cindy Piccoli: Absolutely yes and just go to clearmister.com. Lesley Nagy: Thanks so much great ideas.