Fat Reaches Waist Just 3 Hours After a Big Meal
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New research finds a big dinner can add more to your waistline than a big breakfast.


(Image source: Thinkstock )   BY UNA LUE ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO   A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!  Just how long does it take after eating that batch of french fries for it to turn turn into flab on your waistline? A new British study says, just 3 hours! KRIV has the story .   “Scientists at the University of Oxford found the average person can add the equivalent of up to 3 teaspoons of fat during that short period of time. “   The Telegraph explains, the process of turning food to fat is more complex and faster than we previously thought.   “The study found the first fat from any meal enters the blood around an hour after being ingested. By the time three or four hours has passed, they found, most of it had been incorporated into the adipose tissue, much of which lies in the short-term fat stores in the waist.”   So what to do? Here’s one doctor’s advice on KTXL. Dr. Steve: “If you exercise, that fat would be use as energy. So it’s like temporality put there. And if you burn it, you burn it. And if not, well ….” Anchor: “So what you’re saying is we have to exercise everyday if we don’t want to wearing our food.”   So, the messag? Stop overeating, especially in the evenings. The Daily Mail reports, a rich dinner ruins your figure faster than a big breakfast.   “This is due to hormonal changes that occur later in the day which make it easier for the stores in the waistline to trap passing fat droplets.”   Researchers say, dropping those fat droplets is easier for active people than for the sedentary. So, regular exercise is recommended.