Family Travel: Retro Road Trips
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DadLabs Ep. 365 -- Considering a "staycation" this year? Don't let gas prices put a crimp in your family travel creativity. Go retro! Consider an overnight road trip to some of the kitchy, goofy, even downright weird destinations like the Snake Farm, within a one tank range of your house. Brought to you by Graco's Ready for the Road Ahead campaign.


Male speaker 1: Gas prices! Hey, were you thinking about the stay cashing this summer? Male speaker 2: With a little short range planning you can still come up with a great retro road trip for you and the family. Male speaker 1: That's why this week we are coming to you from the world famous snake farm in New Braunfels, Texas. Male speaker 2: This very special episode is brought to you by Graco Ready for the Road Ahead. Male speaker 1: Retro road trips rule. Male speaker 2: You know daddy Ben I think sometimes parents get trapped in this notion that only Disney level entertainment is truly family friendly, that a water park is the only reasonable destination, and that it is not really family fun unless there is a character of breakfast involved. Male speaker 1: More modest places near you can be just as rewarding to the family and there are a lot less expensive. Not to mention what they do to your carbon footprint. Male speaker 2: Retro road trip rule number one: One tank only. Male speaker 1: Pick an itinerary that doesn't require you to drive any farther than you can get on one tank of gas. Now I get 350 miles on one tank in my mini van; that gives me a radius around Austin of 175 miles. I can get a dime box in bank. Male speaker 2: That's good, because it keeps you from overdriving and over scheduling. We think for a two day one night road trip you need one may be two trashes tops. Now how do you find these cool off the beat and pass spots? Male speaker 1: Go for something retro, you know off beat, little funky, may be you can be little sketchy. Male speaker 2: It's good for these kids to have something that's authentic, farm related, animal type gitchy, you know even weird. It's good for them. Male speaker 1: This does not apply to the hotel room. Male speaker 2: No you don't want that from your hotel. What you want from your hotel is a swimming pool, and you definitely want to do an overnight trip. That's part of the fun. Male speaker 1: How did you get there? Male speaker 2: How do you get there is a good question. Did you know that you can rent a GPS unit for the weekend? Now I get lost a lot. Has anybody hear DadLabs will tell you I couldn't find my butt with both hands over hat a bonnet. When I get lost my family get stressed .I finally got too sick of my kids ask if I knew where I was going, and I went for one of these. A little GPS unit it's really help things. Now you may have a better sense of direction than me, you don't need this for everyday use, but on a weekend road trips these things are really helpful and cut down on stress. Besides that the kids think they are bored. They follow along with the progress and study the math. It's sort of even educational. You can get these at for about $6 a day. Now one note, if you are going on a weekend trip, get your order in by Monday or Tuesday to make sure that the unit arrives on time. When you are done just put it back in packaging, slap a return label on there, and the way it goes. Male speaker 1: Get on early on your first day and get to your attractions window open. Then you want to sculpt out a really cool place for a picnic lunch. This saves you some cash and then also keeps with the retro thing. Now you might not be going to Europe this summer on vacation but you can sure eat like a European. There is some French bread right here. Cut little sandwich size pieces, get some cheese and turkey, bring that along, and let the kids make their own sandwiches. Hey what summer meal! Let's complete that watermelon, but if you don't want to hole this big bad boy around you can find these little mini seedless melons that go right there in the cooler. Put it in there some juice boxes, frozen yogurt and you got a perfect picnic snack you don't even need ice. Now if you want more travel tips or sake your suggestions please visit Male speaker 2: This week we are going to give a very special giveaway. Thanks to the folks at Graco who are honoring our service men and women. Two members of the DadLabs community Honer and Chester are currently serving in the military and we have got two brand new Graco car seats coming to you guys. Thanks for all you do. Male speaker 1: Now if you want to be a part of great giveaways we do weekend and week out at Just go to our website get on the Community, create a profile, and you will be automatically registered for these great giveaways. We are doing them every week on Male speaker 2: That's all for us at the snake farm in New Braunfels Texas.