Family Says Nine-Year-Old Pricked By Syringe in Hotel Room
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In Washington state, a nine-year-old named Emily Smith says she was pricked by a stray needle in a hotel room. Her mother is worried about HIV and hepatitis.


In Washington state -- nine-year-old Emily Smith says she was pricked by a bloody syringe she found in her hotel bed. Her family says they found bandages, more syringes and a plastic bag beneath the covers. KOMO has more. “Smith says a needle similar to this one, poked through the mattress cover and pierced her heel hard enough to draw blood.” “Doctors told her it will mean months of checkups. So we won’t know for a year if she’s okay.” According to KIRO, the girl’s mother, Angie Smith, says she’s concerned about HIV and Hepatitis B and C. She’s also upset the hotel did not offer them a complimentary room. KIRO has more on that part of the story. “I talked with the hotel owner on the phone tonight. Jaz Dhaliwal is suspicious of the story.” “Dhaliwal told me quote ‘their story is not true.’ He believes, ‘it was their needle’ and ‘the family was just trying to get a free room.” According to KIRO, the family says it immediately called the police and brought their daughter to the hospital without delay. Meanwhile, the hotel owner says the family would not accept the hotel’s offer to move rooms, and only took an offered change of linens. The Associated Press reports, but doesn’t shed much light on where this story might be headed. “Aberdeen Police Capt. John Green says an officer responded and found two syringes under a mattress pad. He says it was a medical issue, not a criminal case.”