Family Safety on Windows Live
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The Internet is an amazing place. Full of knowledge and facts and information. It's also like the real world in that it also has its dangers. To help you keep your family safe Windows Live offers Family Safety as part of the package. Family Safety lets you block Web content, allow certain activities and the like.


Hi. This is Mike Callahan, Doctor File Finder and welcome to part eight of our special ten part series on Windows Live. Now in this segment, I’m going to look at Family Safety which is another cool feature that’s part of the Windows Live package. So in your Windows Live homepage, click on More, move down to Family Safety. Now, Family Safety can help keep your children safe on the internet. There is software that you install on each computer and each child will have to have their own Windows Live account and then you can add them. You can see if I click Add that asks if you want to sign in with this child’s ID if you want to create an ID for them. So, it will be wise to create their Windows Live ID first. In that way, you can just plug it in when you’re creating this. Now you can see here Web filtering basic. You can also customize it in which you control which sites like you can remove, social networking sites, web mail, sites you haven’t categorized. You can also make it strict. That blocks all websites except child friendly sites. When you’re done, you save your changes. There is Activity reporting. You can see that you can turn on Activity reporting. You can make it All computers, Specific computer. You can put in for specific dates. You can tell it to show only blocked activity. Cancel out of that. There is Contact management. Contact management is available only for children’s accounts. So, when you have plugged in their account IDs, you can turn on Activity reporting. You can select which computer, which windows account, which dates. You can have it show blocked activity only. Now when you’re done, you can save that. So, Windows Live Family Safety is a great way to at least help put in some boundaries for your children and to set some safety limits for your family and that concludes part eight.