Family Road Trips: Tips and Memories
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We ask our panel of experienced and expert parents to reflect on their own experiences on family road trips and to offer tips and pointers on hitting the road with your kids. Brought to you by Graco and Ready for the Road Ahead.


Male Speaker1: Welcome back to Retro Road this week at I am Daddy Brad and that's Daddy Clay. This week's lounge is brought to you by Graco's Ready for the Road Ahead. We are going to go out and hit the playground and asks parents about their fondest memories of family road trips whether it's with their kids or when they were kids. Let's go hear some stories. So you've got your little one here. How is it traveling with kids? Male Speaker2: Oh, it's a handful. It's a whole lot different story, but it is fun. You go to a different place with kids now as opposed to just with your wife and just be prepared with a lot of extra supplies. Take a big week on and you will be fine. Male speaker1: I think I was seven years old and we were going to Wisconsin, from South Carolina to Wisconsin driving through, all this countryside. Female speaker1: Our first big road trip was from Wisconsin to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She was conceived on that road trip. The best thing for them is they get all the candy they can eat. They get a little squirrely and we know it's time to let them run for a while. Male Speaker1: Once my mom was excited, my dad was like, I want to go because that's expensive. We got to go grab a burger and like, I don't need a burger. Female Speaker2: I was alone with these two and it was hell and we came from Germany back to States. Male Speaker1: What was the worst in that? Female Speaker2: Delays and we had connecting flights and they were screaming, keep over yelling at us. We will never do it again. Male Speaker1: Mom's like no, no, no, we are going to go to this place, because it's cool, just like back in the revolutionary war. Female Speaker3: This one particular trip, my husband wasn't along and we were going on a family reunion. I have the four kids and I had to drive a standard pickup truck and we were going up Boulder Mountain in Utah. You have to understand it's straight down both sides and I am terrified of heights. My oldest son was probably ten and he had to tuck me up the hill driving. And I keep stalling and kind of back up and there was no way to go and so I was really, really scared and I was in tears. Male Speaker1: When he tucked you through and you came down okay. Female Speaker3: Yeah. Male Speaker1: They bring me Thai food, I love, I love, I was just crazy, and it's just ham and it's got raisin sauce on it, dude can you believe that, raisin sauce? I hate raisins. I mean, I am seven years old, but I hate raisins. Female Speaker4: My husband and four children and myself went in search of Grand Canyon. So we set out with just a few hundred dollars in a 1985 Blazer and we headed for Arizona. We got into a small town near the edge of Grand Canyon. There was one motel that had any rooms. There were some insect friends. Some of them were smaller and brown and some of them were larger and black and they flew. We got up and found Grand Canyon and had a wonderful low-budget trip. Male Speaker1: Nice guys! That was great! I am going to stop until I have a nice drink. What? You didn't have any bad road trip stories, oh! You think that's a dorky story? Yeah, well. Well that's all for us here in the lounge, you see. Thanks to Graco's Ready for the Road Ahead for sponsoring. If you have an interesting story about a family road trip, go to and drop up the comments, we would love to hear. That's all for us here. See you next week. Dude, I'm sorry, are you still mad about the whole baloney sandwich feel? I know your mom was standing there.