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Daddy Clay and Daddy Owen ask their panel of parenting experts about the family dinner, "Do you sit down and have dinner with your family every night? And if so, how do you pull it off?" Some suggestions from the panel include: try family lunches, turn off the TV, call in some help, get the kids involved with the cooking, order in and most certainly make it fun. Leave your best tips in the comments.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lounge, we’re here in the Tiniest Bar in Texas in beautiful downtown Austin, I’m daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I’m daddy Clay, this is the show where we interview expert panelists and parents off the street and ask them tough questions about parenting today. This week’s question is. Daddy Brad: Do you sit down and have dinner with your family every night? And if so, how do you pull it off? [Music Playing] Female: We have a wonderful college kid that comes to help us. Female: My children enjoy it now more than they did when I was working. Female: I go to my mother’s house and she cooks for me. Male: Family lunches are more appropriate for us right now. Male: You turn off the movie, close the doors to the TV. Male: We had family dinner every evening. Sometimes I was the only one there but— Male: My daughter does the sauté and this son does the Martinis and I kick back in my house with my pipe. Male: One easy night is that the Episcopal Church, three dollars –a head, good way to feed the family. Female: July on the good old KFC. Daddy Clay: Where the kids love to have a sip of wine or a little something when they are— Female: It’s quite okay. Male: That’s crucial. Female: We really just would kind of eat on the --- floor, in bed or— Male: We sit around the corner table and then we usually put one potato, uncooked in the middle and what we teach Ardin is like, if you are not within the fight, you’re going to be hungry. Female: We try to have family dinner and the way that works is that daddy makes dinner. Daddy Clay: You cook it? Male: Most of the time. Daddy Brad: Nice. Give it up for dad, yes. Male: We actually do this Tuesday night thing as you guys know about where we have like, we invite anyone we know for a meal. Female: Did somebody finish before the other guy, if he could just get up and go. Daddy Clay: Rule number one of the show is like do not come on the show and like show up ***. Male: Brad, it’s like 7:00 on a Thursday, I’m in a bar. What do you think? We have family dinners? Daddy Clay: Well that’s it for another episode of the lounge, if you’d like to come down and check out a taping of the show or actually take your turn to the hot seat an you ask these tough questions about parenting, checkout 4:00-7:00 P.M. the first Thursday of every month, you can find details on our website. Daddy Brad: This week, folks will be getting a multi stroller, $900.00 value. Next month, who knows? Come on down and join us. Daddy Clay: Good Schwagg, come on down and check it out. Daddy Clay: It is not 7:30 and where is my *** family?