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Christmas is quickly approaching, and if you still have not made a dent in your holiday shopping, don't panic. Lifestyle expert, Cindy Piccoli, is here, offering great gifts for the entire family.


Host: --quickly approaching and if you still haven’t made a dent in that holiday shopping, don’t panic because today we’re going to help you out big time. Lifestyle expert, Cindy Becolli is here. She’s basically our one stop shop. She’s got some great gift ideas for the entire family. You’ve got a lot of stuff here Cindy. Cindy: Yes I do. So let’s make Christmas gift giving really easy and take a look at the first thing we have here, this is the Mastercard gift card from Kroger and RBS in $25.00 to $100.00 denominations which can be used anywhere the debit Mastercard is accepted and you can purchase it at Kroger stores. Host: And no one argues with a gift card. It’s money. Cindy: Absolutely, you can choose your own gift. Now, Heelys, they have redesigned their two in one shoes. Skates to shoes to back again with lots of new colors and patterns. High and low tops. What you do if you want to skate is to have the heel in. If you want to run around, put the heel plug in. So skates to shoes and back again. Just go to and they have them in adult sizes too so you can get a pair. Host: I was just going to ask. You see a lot of kids rolling around those but now, we’re going to start seeing the adults. Cindy: Anyone that’s interested in family history will love a subscription to, the world’s largest history website providing access to billions of historical records. What you see right here is they found a census that showed my grandfather immigrated from Denmark and became a US citizen in 1930. They also found his draft card. They have history wedding books and all kinds of different things. So check it out, Host: Worth the money for what you’re paying for this right? Okay, you got it, what’s next? Cindy: Right in front here, we see some stocking stuffers. So take a look right down here, the new Reach by design. These are toothbrushes that clean and remove more plaque and you want to drop in a few little bottles, travel sized bottles of Listerine and a set for kissable breath under the mistletoe. Host: Not a bad idea, I like that one. Cindy: And personalized gifts are always welcome. This is They have holiday cards, photobooks. They even have jewelry so just go to and you can customize a gift for someone special in your life. Host: I like that with the little picture in there. Good idea. Cindy: For guys with facial hair, beards, goaties, and mustaches, Wahl Trimmers has recently introduced the first ion grooming kit. The battery lasts three times longer. That’s Now, we have anybody who has a hearing loss would really appreciate the Clarity D 163 cordless phone. It’s easy to use, hearing aid compatible with digital answering with caller ID and big numbers. Host: Big big numbers I was going to say things light up. Cindy: Radioshack at $89.00. Host: Does everything besides get up and walk over to you right? Cindy: Take someone out for a special meal or the whole family at Bone Fish and Bone Fish Grill is fabulous. They have great steaks too. They have also bar fresh cocktails and when you give $100.00 worth of Bone Fish Grill gift certificate, you get $20.00 for yourself. Just go to Host: Not bad. I noticed a lot of restaurants are starting to do that. You get a little something for giving something. So that’s good, not bad. Cindy: It’s just the season. And take a look over here, from Handyman, the Sears Blue Tool crew gave me the hammerhead, autohammer by Craftsman. It drives nails with a pull of a trigger so just press that. No more hammering and Sears has layaway plans online or in the store so just go to Host: That thing’s pretty powerful too. But lightweight still at the same time. Okay last but not least? Cindy: Decka Sport 2 is a sequel to the hit Wii game Decka Sports and they feature 10 new sporting events including dodgeball. You can play with family and friends or place select sports online through your Wii consul. It’s only $30.00. Host: Really, these are all fantastic products. Thank you so much Cindy, good to see you again. Cindy: Happy holidays. Host: You too.