Family Awaits Justice for Teen Slain by Friends
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The parents of 16-year old Skylar Neese may soon be able to bury their daughter. Second degree murder charges have been filed against her former best friend, 16-year Rachel Shoaf, who authorities say admitted to stabbing Neese. (June 26)


SHOTLIST:AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYWayne Township, Pennsylvania - 24 June 20131. Medium shot of the memorial Skylar's family has created2. Tight shot of Skylar's picture in the memorial3. Pink balloons stuck in the treetops4. Tree limbs at the site where Skylar's body was found in January5. SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Neese, Father: (Transcript Below)AP IMAGES - AP CLIENTS ONLYStar City, West Virginia - 23 May 20136. Photo of flyer about Skylar on boardAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYWayne Township, Pennsylvania - 24 June 20137. Wide shot of the spot in Greene County, Pa., where Skylar was stabbed to death8. Medium shot of memorial, with white rocks formed in a heart8.SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Neese, Father: (Transcript Below)9. Tight shot of framed photos, wood burnout of SkylarAP IMAGES/The Dominion Post - AP CLIENTS ONLYMorgantown, West Virginia - 14 May 201310. Shot of Skylar's parents holding her pictureAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYWayne Township, Pennsylvania - 24 June 201311. Medium shot of memorial12. Wide shot of memorialAP IMAGES - AP CLIENTS ONLYWayne Township, Pennsylvania - 24 June 201313. Photo of Skylar's picture at the memorialVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:)A SMALL MEMORIAL MARKS THE SPOT WHERE AUTHORITIES SAY SKYLAR NEESE (prono: neice) WAS KILLED BY HER TWO BEST FRIENDS NEARLY A YEAR AGO.THE 16-YEAR OLD GIRL QUIETLY SLIPPED OUT OF HER ROOM LAST JULY, BUT NEVER CAME HOME.SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Neese, father of 16-year-old Skylar Neese: "Skylar was taken for a ride, literally. I mean, she believed these people were her friends. She believed they loved her. She believed they cared about her, when in actuality, they hated her. Because you don't kill somebody you love."SKYLAR'S CLOSE FRIEND, 16-YEAR OLD RACHEL SHOAF, HAS ADMITTED TO PLANNING THE MURDER AND STABBING THE VICTIM IN A REMOTE PART OF WAYNE TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA. THE OTHER GIRL HAS NOT BEEN PUBLICLY NAMED BECAUSE HER CASE REMAINS IN JUVENILE COURT.SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Neese, father of 16-year old Skylar Neese: "The one that's not been named yet, she walked in the door when she came here. She didn't even knock. She was like our daughter. And not to know someone is more scary than knowing them, because now you know what they're capable of. And they need to be put away forever, because if not, they could hurt somebody else."AFTER A YEAR OF WAITING, SKYLAR'S PARENTS WILL SOON BE ABLE TO BURY THEIR DAUGHTER. HER BODY HAS BEEN IN FBI CUSTODY SINCE IT WAS FOUND IN JANUARY.AND WITH RECENT CHARGES FILED AGAINST SHOAF, THEY MAY BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO JUSTICE. SIGOUT - Name/Associated Press