Family Activity: Run for Charity
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Just because Daddy Clay was humiliated by his seven-year-old daughter is no reason for you not to sign your family up for a charity fun run today! It's the ultimate quality time: getting the kids physically active, involved in the community and giving back.


Daddy Clay: It's the oldest parenting trick in the book. You want a peaceful evening? Take the little Rugrats outside and run their butts into the ground, but I'm going to suggest it for you. Do it for Charity. Today's episode is by Quality Times brought to you by BabyBjorn. How you ever wondered why the -- are such fit people because from infancy, they use their own movement to create the natural motion in this BabyBjorn babysitter balances. Here is what I want you to do. Go out and sun yourself, and the whole family up for charity fun run somewhere. I've done this three or four times in the last year and every single it's an absolute, yeah, it's the best family outing that we've ever done. And why not? What's all about getting the kids out of the house, encouraging them to be physical activity, getting them engaged in the community and ultimately, starting some lessons about giving back. Hard to get signed up for a fun run? Not really. It's mostly a matter of just keeping your ears open. You hear these things advertised on the radio and TV all the time. If that's not getting it done, do you have a speciality running store in your city or neighborhood? These places usually maintain a website that's kind of calendar of local running events. Here in Central Texas, it's a place called RunTex and they've got a really inclusive calendar of all the charity runs that are happening here in the Central Texas. The other things you can do is just Google Race for the cure and see if there is a breast cancer prevention run somewhere in you. What you are shopping for here is a 1K. If you are hoping the kids are under the age of 12, we're going to finish the race under their own power. 5Ks are great stroller races, if you've got a kid that's under four or five years old and may tolerate being in stroller for 30 or 40 or 50 minutes depending on your fitness level and pace. If you've got one of those, tricked out bob strollers or something that they can really go on the trails. If not, what you want is that you are good for 1k and kids who are four to five years old can generally finish a 1k. Kids as young as four and watch it out. Now kick your ass and you know they are competitors. Race day prep is hilarious. My kids get so serious and focus because as they're pulling on their shoes, they throw on that gear from previous races sort of start talking -- and it's generally just a ball. The best part however, is always pinning the number on their chest. They are just exploding with pride as you doing that. Now, when it comes to the actual race, be ready because you're going to be humiliated pretty much, if you are in the kind of shape I am unbuilt not so much for speed more for a beer. My six year old daughter, last year basically, humiliate me completely. I was worried that she might not be able to run 1k, it turns out I was counting that she couldn't. My most recent family fun run was little bit different for me because I've been participating in the fit fat, fit dad challenge on started a running a little bit and I decided that I would sign up for a 10k. I signed up for the toughest race in Texas designed by none other than Daddy Brad and his sick mind. Anyway they has got 1K that kids were running in that with a fairly friend. And we all warmed up together getting ready for the 10K including my oldest who is 10, he is very much of 20 to him, I've become the goof ball in the blue puncho and knee socks on the sidelines of the soccer game that is what he is doing when his eyes are there. My stock is on decline kind of with my oldest, but I'm in starting game, getting ready to go and right before we go out, my oldest runs up and gives me the biggest hug. And he is obviously, so excited and proud of me for running this race and it really meant a lot and so it's another good reason to participate in these races, you know it make yourself a good role model for the kids. Anyway, if you've got stories about family fun runs that are worth for you tips and tricks, please go in Join the conversation there we would love to hear from you. Thanks again to our sponsors BabyBjorn and we'll see you next time here on Quality Time.