Facebook's New Privacy Settings
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Facebook has over 300 million members and it's still growing. Privacy on Facebook has always been a concern for families and individuals who share information on Facebook. Now, Facebook privacy settings on Facebook have changed. Users can take control of Facebook privacy settings but by default, users are sharing more than ever.


Hi! This is Mike Calehan, doctor file finder and welcome to your butterscotch.com technology breaking news update. Facebook has made changes to their privacy policies and its drawing mixed reviews, one of the changes is how new users are handled. In the past when you created an account you didn’t have to look at privacy settings, now people who create the account will have to look at privacy settings and make any changes that they want, part of the criticism that’s going around, stems from the fact that new default privacy options are more open than the ones from the past. You can go into Facebook and to your privacy settings and you can make changes in every aspect. For example, if you don’t want certain people looking at your photos you can go and customize it put in their names and those people would not able to see your photos where your other friends would. So changes in the privacy policy settings at Facebook, we suggest that you go in and check yours and read up on what some of the changes entail, and that’s your technology breaking news.