Facebook for grownups - #8 - Setting Up Facebook Photo Albums
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Facebook includes some fairly powerful photo uploading and management tools. We'll walk through the process to upload your photos to Facebook, create photo albums, descriptions and set privacy preferences. When you tag friends in photos, they can be automatically notified and can make comments.


Welcome back to Facebook for Grownups. Facebook gives you a place to store all of the photos you love and allows you to organize them into albums. First click on create a photo album, give your album a name and if it was taken on a specific location enter that in here. Next add the description and choose who can see the album. Click on browse and select images from your computer. Check the box that states you allow it to distribute the photos and click on upload. Now you can add captions to the photos and you tag people who appear on the photo. Tagging people allows other Facebook users who you share the photos with to see the names of the people who are in the photo. To tag someone just click on the person in the photo and add their name. Now, when other people view the photo they’ll know who’s in it. You can also select an image for the album cover. You can drive the photos around to reorder them and create as many photo albums as you like. Remember there are ten parts to this series so don’t forget to check out the other parts in the Facebook for Grownups series.