Facebook for grownups - #5 - Setting Privacy on Your Facebook Account
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Facebook's privacy settings allows you to set up privacy on many aspects of your profile. We'll show you how to set these privacy settings to block people from viewing your profile, as well as show you how you can play with the settings to be as visible or invisible as you would like to be. You can also seem more about Facebook's privacy policy.


Welcome back to Facebook for grownups. Your privacy is important so take the time to go through the different types of privacy settings after creating your Facebook account. First your profile, here you can decide exactly who came to your profile itself as well as your basic information. Your personal information, your status updates, and photos of you people have added to Facebook. You could do the same with videos you’re in, choose who can see your friends, your wall posts, your education information and work information. For each of these items, you can choose to give access to your networks and friends, your friends of friends, only your friends or you can customize the privacy and name specific people who you don’t want to give access to. You can do the same with all of the contact information you added to your profile. Each item has its own level of privacy. Search feasibility allows you to decide who can find you when doing a search on Facebook. You can allow anyone to find you, your networks and friends of friends, your networks and friends and so on. You can also select to remove your public search listing on Facebook and remove yourself from the search engine indexing from sites like Google by unchecking this box. You can also decide if people that searched for you can view your picture, send your message, add you as a friend or view your friend list. With the right settings, you can make yourself as visible or invisible as you want. You can also create privacy levels of what information is shown on the new speed and Mini-Feed. By default whenever you remove profile information write on someone’s wall, comment on something, post on a discussion board, add fans, change relationship status or leave a group or network, it’s all my visible in the news feed and your Mini-Feed. If you don’t want some of these information posted then simply uncheck the box. You can also select to remove the time from your Mini-Feed which can be important if you don’t want the people to know you’re playing around on Facebook while you are at work. The privacy and other applications is a little different. Every box that is checked here is made public through applications, through the Facebook platform. The Facebook platform is what allows 3rd parties to create all of the wonderful applications you can add to your profile. If you uncheck certain boxes, that information will no longer be available through the Facebook platform. You can also select to opt out completely but if you have any applications on your profile through the Facebook platform you need to remove them first. If there’s someone who you really don’t want to be able to find you on Facebook, you can add their name here and they’ll be completely blocked from seeing any of your profile information or activity on Facebook. Remember, there are 10 parts to this series so don’t forget to check out the other parts in the Facebook for grown ups series.