Explaining Death to Preschool Children
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How do preschool-aged children understand death?


Host: How do preschool-aged children understand death? Rene Hackney: Preschool age is that three to five year old transition, where they are starting to understand that death is more permanent that death is something that happens to everyone. They also may though, three to five years old have much still the fantasy reasoning, where they think that people may die because I was mad at them or people may die because I didn't liked them. So, there may be an overwhelming sense of guilt for young children because they don't understand that death is not their fault, whenever you have a preschool aged child and there is been a death in the family or death at someone near, it's a good idea to let them know they have nothing to do with it, it was not their fault, even if they are not asking those questions because they still just tend to be so egocentric.