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We ask our panel of experts and veteran parents, What is your favorite bedtime book to read to your kids? They responded from the classic to the modern to the wise ass. What is your favorite bedtime book?


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lounge, we’re here in the Tiniest Bar in Texas in beautiful downtown Austin, I’m daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I’m daddy Clay, this is the show where we interview expert panelists and parents on the street and ask them tough questions about parenting today. this week’s question is. Daddy Brad: What is your favorite bedtime book to read to your kids? Male: Where the wild things are. Female: Time for bed. Male: Oh kids are so bright, they just read themselves. Male: Go dog go. Daddy Brad: Yeah baby. Female: Whatever I am reading, I read to him, not always appropriate. Female: Grey’s Anatomy. Male: And the wild dropping begins, you can do that, it is awesome. Female: Time for bed little mouse, little mouse, darkness is falling all over the house. Male: I don’t have any kids, I am here having a drink. Daddy Brad: Yeah baby. Daddy Clay: How many times you’re going to do that? Female: A book that we loved, we loved was Maurice Sendak’s in the night kitchen. Male: Ben house for 87 October. Male: You know, it does not matter if it is half the hatter or Ulysses so they’re both beaches to. Male: Are there any single moms here? Male: Another girl with --- but she is bad but she is good. Female: Milk in the batter, milk in the batter. And it features nudity, right? I mean it was great. Male: Oh not for me [voice overlap] after it, for the child. Daddy Brad: I like Franky the farting dog. Daddy Clay: It’s Walter you illiterate punk. Male: My favorite for sure is Guess How Much I Love You. Male: I think because that will serenade to sleep. Male: I thought this was a place to have a drink, what’s going on here, is it— Female: Short could be Goodnight Moon. Male: The little, little brown hair, love that little guy, he’s very sweet. Male: The series catalog is great because it is like, look at the mannequin, look at him talking Male: Something like Enid Blyton, have you ever heard of Enid Blyton? Daddy Clay: Can’t read British. Daddy Brad: I really love that nut brown ail. Male: Ah, see it all works out. Male: EPD insert, like the covers that you take a look, Nemo and there’s Dory. Female: I like to brainchild a little in the Dr. Seuss. Daddy Clay: Yeah you got it mixed up. Female: Something, something different. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Daddy Clay: Is he okay, I mean I do not want him, we do not have insurance so keep the kid closed okay? Boy: Bob Builder. Daddy Brad: Bob the Builder. Female: Between Big Little and Yummy Yucky. Daddy Clay: Yummy yucky? Female: Yummy Yucky. Daddy Clay: You like Yummy yucky? Male: We’re reading Call of the wild right now. My eight year old daughter is terrified and my son loves it. Daddy Brad: Yeah I read him Scarface for my kids. Male: No wait a minute now, I entered the contest, how am I going to win? Daddy Clay: You’re not getting the stoller buddy. Daddy Clay: Say hello to my little friend.