Experts: 32-Pound Mo. Girl Faces Long Recovery
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A severely malnourished 10-year-old Kansas City girl who was found locked in a closet remained hospitalized Monday and likely faces an extended recovery after an initial "failure to thrive" diagnosis, experts said. (June 25)


[Location - Date:Kansas City, Missouri 6/23/2012][Source:KCTV][VO:]PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THIS KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI COMPLEX HAD NO IDEA OF THE HORROR THAT HID INSIDE ONE APARTMENT.(SOT: NO ID)I've been here 3 years and I have never seen the child.THAT CHILD--A TEN YEAR OLD GIRL--WEIGHED JUST 32 POUNDS WHEN POLICE DISCOVERED HER FRIDAY. SHE WAS LOCKED INSIDE A CLOSET.(SOT: NO ID)If I knew the baby was up there I would have gone and got the baby myself(Sot: jean peters baker/Jackson county prosecutor)She's in a very very serious situation.THE GIRL'S 29-YEAR-OLD MOTHER WAS IN COURT MONDAY AND ORDERED HELD ON 200-THOUSAND DOLLARS BAIL. AP IS NOT NAMING HER. THE GIRL IS MALNOURISHED AND BEING TREATED AT A HOSPITAL.(Sot: jean peters baker/Jackson county prosecutor)Not only was the door barricaded from the outside but there was some kind of string that was bound around the 2 knobs of the doors. She obviously had defecated multiple times in that room. The stench of urine was i'm told hard to bear.ACCORDING TO A POLICE REPORT, THE MOTHER WOULDN'T LET HER DAUGHTER LEAVE THE APARTMENT BECAUSE SHE WOULD GET IN TROUBLE IF OTHERS SAW HER.(Sot: jean peters baker/Jackson county prosecutor)She was very dirty and unkept but amazing as children tend to surprise all of us. She had very good spirits.BUT INVESTIGATORS SAY IT'S A MYSTERY WHY THIS GIRL WAS SINGLED OUT.(Sot: jean peters baker/Jackson county prosecutor)There are 2 other children in this case. Those children were well cared for. They were well fed. They were well maintained and for some reason this little girl was singled out and treated quite differently.MEDICAL EXPERTS SAY THE GIRL LIKELY FACES A LONG RECOVERY AFTER AN INITIAL "FAILURE TO THRIVE" DIAGNOSIS, MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: ------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: matt friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: KCTV5-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: COURTESY KCTV5----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): kansas city, mo--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a0939BC-US--Locked in Closet-Missouri,2nd Ld-Write