Expert: US-North Korea Agreement Good First-Step
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Philip Yun, the Executive Director of the Ploughshares Fund and an expert on nuclear policy, says North Korea's decision to halt nuclear activities in exchange for U.S. food aid is a good "first-step" between the two countries. (Feb. 29)


[Location - Date:SAN FRANCISCO -- AP VIDEO -- FEB 29][Notes:SOT ---------PHILIP YUN / EXEC. DIRECTOR ,PLOUGHSHARES FUND][Source:][VO:]"today's agreement was modest first step....what happened...north koreans..agreed they would not test any long range missiles.....would not do any more nuclear tests...that it would allow iaea inspectors to come in and look at its facilities...there are a lot of discussions along these far back as the fall....the issue was....we weren't sure these were going to jong il died in wasn't clear what the effect on the north korean decision making process would some expectation that it would take a long negotitaions this delicate...nothing would happen for a while...iaea inspectors allowed to go in....not sure what the timing is....we have not had anyone we don't know what's going on....what's great about we will have people on the ground.....we have been over this road before...if we are going to get to a will take a long period of time....this is road you will have to take."(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: ned barker ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap / ap file-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: donna starddard----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a1256BC-US--US-NK Nuclear, 10th Ld-Writethru,1178